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Hennes Communications’ twice-a-month newsletter, Crisis Management Today, keeps readers informed about the discipline of crisis management with authoritative commentary and best practices from breaking crises in the news.

We’re pleased the Greater Cleveland Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America recognized the newsletter with a gold “Rocks” award, which acknowledges outstanding public relations programs incorporating sound research, planning, execution and evaluation.

More than 8,000 past/present clients, colleagues, friends, lawyers, CEO’s, executive directors, administrators, fellow crisis management professionals and other executives receive our award-winning, now in its 15th year of publication.

Click the links below to browse past issues. For a complimentary subscription, email us. Please let us know who you are and what you do.

Crisis Management Today:
Epstein & Twitter – The Dark Side Turns Darker 8/15/19

Presentation Tips: When Your Speech Stands Between Your Audience and Happy Hour; Take a Breath: Legal Considerations for Your Communications; Why Does Using a Period in a Text Message Make You Sound Insincere or Angry?; Has the Crisis Communications ‘Golden Hour’ Disappeared?; Q&A – What do I do if the media wants to talk to me?

Crisis Management Today:
What Crisis Managers Can Learn from Notre Dame 8/1/19

Cleveland Indians Pitcher Throws Fit, Hits Apology Out of the Park; How Best to Convey “Executive Presence” Non-Verbally; How the University of Iowa Recovered From the ‘Unfathomable’ Flood That Ruined It; Q&A How do I know whether I should respond to a negative social media comment about our organization?

Crisis Management Today:
Why “Winging It” is Not an Option for Your News Interview 7/19/19

Wayfair Learns the Cost of Doing Business Can Include a Damaged Reputation and Loss of Employee Faith; An Independence Day Salute to our Founding Fathers of Fake New News; The Audience in the Mind’s Eye: How Journalists Imagine Their Readers; The End of the Ad World as We Knew It; Body Language and Leadership Effectiveness – How to Achieve ‘Executive Presence’; Q&A – Where do people go now when news breaks?

Crisis Management Today:
Grappling with Social Media 6/15/19

Grappling with Social Media; Tactical and Operational Threat Assessment; 6 Questions on the Power—and Limits—of Litigation Communications; How Best to Convey “Executive Presence” Non-Verbally; How to Get Every Email Returned; Not Everything is a Crisis; Why Hennes?; Expert Witnesses for Online; Lawdragon Honors Hennes CEO; Public Risk Managers Have Key Role in Handling Catastrophes; Cities are Not Tornado-Free Zones.  Map Your Safety Plan in Advance; How to Speak Up When You Can’t Find the Words; If a PR Crisis Happens to Your Company, Will You Know What to Do? 5 Tips.; Understand the 4 Components of Influence

Crisis Management Today:
Taking Out the Trash is Not a Crisis Management Option 6/2/19

“Taking Out the Trash” is Not a Crisis Management Option; When the CEO Must be the Spokesperson; What To Do if There’s a Harvey Weinstein in Your Ranks; Save the Recordings of School Shootings; The Day TV Journalism Died; Criminalizing the Boardroom: A Communications Guidebook for Prosecutorial Targets; More Exclamation Points, Please !!!!!!; Q & A – What are the “best” answers during a crisis?; Not Everything is a Crisis; Lawdragon Honors Hennes CEO

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