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Crises are show-stopping events that can threaten an organization’s reputation and viability. Hennes Communications can help you prepare for a crisis before it occurs; respond to a crisis when it occurs; and rebuild your reputation after the crisis.

Our core services include:

Crisis Management & Crisis Communications

We have handled crisis management and communications for organizations of all types, including product recalls; health, safety and environmental concerns; criminal and sexual misconduct; financial and corporate controversies; internet attacks and workplace issues.

Reputation Management

Reputation management takes time and persistence. We will help you develop and implement a communications strategy based on solid messages that support your business plan and resonate with your key stakeholders.

Crisis Communications Plans & Drills

You are more likely to be credible and in control during a crisis if you have spent time preparing. A Crisis Communication Plan is the best way to ensure your organization will respond quickly and effectively, preserving its good name when a crisis hits. But a good Crisis Communication Plan is not enough; it’s important to test your plan and your team with a crisis drill.

Media Training

We will prepare your staff and media spokesperson before the media show up and teach you how to communicate with power, mastering even the toughest interview, speech or presentation.

Litigation Communications Support

You must be prepared to vigorously defend your case on both fronts. We will work with you and your legal team to prepare a case for the court of public opinion so that you are not declared “guilty” before you can even be heard in the court of law.

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“I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your work for MetroHealth. We got your complete attention, knowledge and judgment and incredible responsiveness. I would be happy to work again with you anytime (but not wishing for any more issues)."
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