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July 23, 2022
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Our Perspective

Crisis Leadership
The Skill Set That Got You Into the C-Suite Isn’t Necessarily the Skill Set You Need to Manage a Crisis
By Bruce Hennes, Hennes Communications
News now breaks first on social media, with traditional media sweeping Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for leads. Whether your organization is immersed in crisis or dealing with a hot-button issue, your news can quickly “go viral.” Since it takes a lifetime to build a reputation and only a few seconds to destroy one, “managing the message” is a necessary skill set for executives, attorneys and public officials in virtually every business sector.
reporter by truck
Crisis Communications Strategies for an Always-On Media Environment
By Bruce Hennes, Hennes Communications
If you’re a regular reader of this newsletter, you know we’re constantly encouraging you to have a crisis management/crisis communications plan in-place before something happens. We are also constantly reminding you understand that you only have minutes to respond to a crisis situation; to train and test your team; to understand “no comment” is almost-never acceptable; that it’s never the crime, it’s the cover-up; that “crisis communications” is different from the practice of traditional public relations; and that you should pre-identify and have a relationship with a qualified firm that has a real and demonstrable expertise in this area. 

In the News

Police Car
Hennes VP & GC Stephanie York to speak at Ohio Dept. of Homeland Security Public Safety Symposium August 2-4
This conference runs concurrently with the 2022 Ohio School Safety Summit hosted by the Ohio School Safety Center.  Sessions will include presentations and trainings related to trending public safety topics, best practices, success stories, trends, and research. 
Social Media
15 Ways Social Media Fuels Violent Extremism
As social media platforms are asked to self-police – with questions about when content crosses the line and some users favoring a free-for-all on these private platforms regardless of the extremist content or operation – it’s critical to understand how social media is used not just as a venting space for unpopular or hateful opinions but as a tool for extremists to grow their numbers, further violent acts, inspire lone actors or cells to violence, and even information-share with extremists of unrelated ideologies.
police line
The Crisis After the Crisis: What You Can Expect After an Active Shooter Incident
Five minutes or less — that’s how quickly 70% of active shooter incidents end, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. But once an assailant is neutralized, what’s next?
police making arrest
Journalists in Uvalde are Stonewalled, Hassled, Threatened with Arrest
Journalists had been threatened with arrest for getting too close to the mourners, so Houston Chronicle reporter Julian Gill stayed in the designated media area when he reported on funerals the week after the massacre at Robb Elementary School. Nevertheless, a phalanx of uniformed bikers confronted Gill outside the cemetery gates. They called themselves “Guardians of the Children” and claimed to be working with police officers who stood watch.
American flag and gun
July 4 Gun Violence Yields Bumbling Responses
At a time when mass shootings are no longer uncommon, the public needs and wants timely facts and information. "We'll wing it" is not a plan, especially when social media and legacy media are poised and ready to fill the internet and airwaves with information that may - or may not - be correct.   
Bruce Hennes & Lawdragon 100
Hennes Communications CEO Named to Lawdragon Global 100 Leaders in Legal Strategy and Consulting and the Lawdragon Hall of Fame
The Lawdragon 100 is the definitive guide to the experts in management, marketing, communication and recruiting most valued by law firm leaders. 

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