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June 15, 2023
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Our Perspective

Cats Sleeping With Dogs: How Lawyers and Crisis Communicators Can Work Together
By Thom Fladung, Hennes Communications
At Hennes Communications, we often tell clients that they have an attorney for the Court of Law. But they have us for the Court of Public Opinion. And those two courts often require different – and at times conflicting – strategies. 
Attorneys have persuasive arguments for tailoring a strategy completely around that court of law. Staying out of jail or avoiding paying multimillion-dollar lawsuit damages are, after all, powerful motivators. But saving your reputation also should be a powerful motivator – especially since a reputation is a crucial asset.
School Board Meeting
The Role of School Boards and Superintendents in Crisis Management
Introduction by Bruce Hennes, Hennes Communications
Ensuring the safety of students is a collective responsibility, with school board members and superintendents playing a crucial role. In today’s world, where school safety is increasingly at stake, it is imperative that these leaders receive adequate crisis management training.  While there is often a focus on prevention, preparedness, response and recovery in school safety training, the importance of crisis management is sometimes overlooked. 

 Featured Columnist - Tony Jaques

Ten Things Law School Doesn't Teach About Crisis Management
Should Legal Advice Take Precedence in a Crisis?
Lawyers are involved in just about every serious organisational crisis.Yet how much specific training do they receive about their role in a crisis as part of a cross-functional response team? And how should they work with communicators and designated crisis managers? Some argue that Chief Legal Officers are “uniquely positioned within the organization” to lead the effort when reputation is at risk. Others suggest that good crisis management teams have a strong, opinionated General Counsel, while poor crisis management teams are run by the General Counsel.

In the News

Communicating ‘Bad News’ the Right Way by Setting the Narrative
It’s never easy to announce that your company is leaving a huge market, or that you are making that decision “to improve the company’s financial strength.” State Farm’s communications team deserves credit for limiting brand damage by choosing a simple, straightforward statement that said and did all of the right things.
Spelling Bee
Exclusive Secrets of the National Spelling Bee: Picking the Words to Identify a Champion
Before panelists can debate the words picked for the bee, they need to hear each word and its language of origin, part of speech, definition and exemplary sentence read aloud. Late in the meeting, lead pronouncer Jacques Bailly and his colleagues — so measured in their pacing and meticulous in their enunciation during the bee — rip through that chore as quickly as possible. No pauses. No apologies for flubs.
gender stereotypes
How Gender Stereotypes Kill a Woman’s Self-Confidence
New research identifies one reason women might be shying away from certain professions: They lack confidence in their ability to compete in fields that men are stereotypically believed to perform more strongly in, such as science, math, and technology.
reputation management
Why Investing in Reputation Management is Crucial for Your Business Strategy
Business reputation is the public perception of the brand, its products or services and its treatment of employees and customers. A good reputation serves a company well, but a lousy reputation inflicts damage and potential ruin.
social media
Surviving a Social Media Crisis
Whenever something you post on social media harms your image or reputation, you’ve got a crisis on your hands. Sometimes, the trigger is an embarrassing photo you never thought would come to light or a post you thought was funny at the time. Anything you do on social media that compels others to question you—either who you are as an individual or your overall values—constitutes a social media crisis.
Reputation management
Don’t Let Anyone Hijack Your Message
“Get the [heck] out of my face when I’m working….”  That’s what CBS Miami sports reporter Samantha Rivera told the world after she now-famously stiff-armed a sports fan who tried to shove his way into her video report about the Stanley Cup. Over 12 million people have watched her keep stride as she stayed on message, went with the flow, and did her job.
N. Carolina School Boards Association
N. Carolina School Boards Association Partners with Hennes Communications
Hennes Communications has entered into a new business partnership with the N. Carolina School Boards Association to provide issues management and strategic communications consulting services to public school districts throughout the state facing sudden challenges to their reputations and operations.  This partnership is similar to partnerships Hennes already has in-place with the Ohio, Arizona, Florida and Indiana State School Boards Associations.

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6/20/23      Portage County Government
7/20/23      Cuyahoga County Mayors & Managers
8/1/23        Wood County Schools (WV)
8/18/23      Coll. of Urban Affairs, Cleveland State Univ.
8/24/23      Consortium of State School Board 
                  Associations Urban Boards Alliance
9/25/23      Indiana School Boards Association
10/6/23      Geauga County Economic Leadership
10/11/23    Ohio Government Finance Directors Assoc.
10/11/23     North Carolina School Attorneys
10/12/23    Midwest Labor & Employment Conference
10/18/23    Ohio Municipal League
11/6/23      Ohio Assisted Living Association
11/13/23    Ohio School Boards Association
11/14/23    North Carolina School Boards Assoc.
11/14/23    Ohio Recorders Association
12/3/23      National Association of Temple Admins.
12/11/23    Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association
1/17/24      Summit County Safety Council
1/26/24      Texas Association of Community College
3/28/24      CDC Leadership Academy
4/13/24       Neighborhood Leadership Academy
7/19/24       Coll. of Urban Affairs, Cleveland State Univ. 
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7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Crisis Communications Firm
By Bruce Hennes, Hennes Communications
Almost every PR firm in the world now claims to offer crisis communications services — even if the firm doesn’t truly have experienced professionals on staff to deliver those services.  Here are seven simple questions you must ask before hiring a "crisis comm" firm.
Bruce Hennes & Lawdragon 100
Hennes Communications CEO Named to Lawdragon Global 100 Leaders in Legal Strategy and Consulting in Recognition of His Work in the Field of Crisis Communications
Bruce Hennes, Chief Executive Officer of Hennes Communications, was again named to the Lawdragon Global 100 Leaders in Legal Strategy and Consulting, the definitive guide to the experts in management, marketing, communication and recruiting most valued by law firm leaders.
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