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Very few individuals are naturally gifted when it comes to appearing on-camera or speaking before groups. And when those situations are part of a crisis event, the stakes to perform well are even higher.

Do you know how to handle a high-pressure TV interview? Do you know where to look? What to wear? Does your staff know what to do if a reporter calls? What if a camera crew shows up unannounced in your lobby – or ambushes you in the parking lot?

More important – will you have appropriate responses to the toughest questions? Will you “manage the message” and advance the cause of your business, agency or nonprofit?

You can be certain the senior executives at virtually all of the Fortune 500 companies have been through media training where they’ve learned to deal with adversarial situations with journalists. Perhaps it’s time for you to learn this specialized set of media survival skills.

Unlike some media trainers who focus on telling war stories, our media training is centered on giving each participant on-camera experience delivering targeted messages and strategically answering difficult questions. Typical sessions include repeat interview sessions with critiques after each to help improve performance and hone skills. Our training is adaptable to both print and broadcast interviews and the lessons learned will apply to future interviews, as well as the situation at-hand.

No one trains clients for high-stakes situations better than Hennes Communications. We can prepare your staff and media spokesperson before the media show up and teach you how to communicate with power, mastering even the toughest interview, speech or presentation.

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“Faced with a situation that could have produced adverse media attention, I called (Hennes Communications). Bruce Hennes’ advice was right on target and helped blunt the blow of what could have been very negative PR. In-your-face journalism needs in-your-face protection – I call Bruce Hennes because 120 minutes with Bruce Hennes prepares you for 10 seconds with 60 Minutes.”
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