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  • Assisted several schools and non-profits whose employees were accused of sexual misconduct with minors, including several with cases dating back decades, and helped them deal with the backlash when some constituents defended the popular individuals who were accused.
  • Assisted a company whose CEO was arrested on charges of possessing child pornography.
  • Helped a county-owned health system manage communications after a high-level executive’s criminal activity was uncovered.
  • Helped organizations – including a local non-profit housing organization and a Catholic school – tell the story of how they discovered and dealt with cases of employee theft.
  • Helped long-term care facilities when employees were accused of resident abuse, including two situations where footage of abuse caught on “hidden camera” was broadcast on the local news.
  • Counseled one of the region’s oldest and most respected providers of home health care and hospice services when it was discovered that one of its nurses was stealing narcotics meant for patients.

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