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January 15, 2023
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Our Perspective

Social Media Pile-Ons
The Age of Outrage - Crisis Management in Social Media Pile-Ons
By Howard Fencl, Hennes Communications
There’s nothing the self-righteous embrace more than joining with their fellow self-righteous to gang up on some unfortunate target. The angrier the echo chamber, the better.  Social media is their perfect rage machine. It’s where anonymous trolls can obsess and pile on. And they do it relentlessly and instantly over the most minor perceived slight. Waking up and finding your business is the target of a troll tweetstorm is the stuff of nightmares for our clients. Here are a few ideas for handling those situations.
Crisis Communications
7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Crisis Communications Firm
By Bruce Hennes, Hennes Communications
Over the years, we've learned a thing or two about crisis communications:  1. Crisis communications is often counter-intuitive from the practice of traditional PR.  2. Your bad news is more than likely going to break on social media, not on legacy media.  3. You can’t learn crisis communications from books, blogs, minor scrapes or small problems. 4. Quite often, we’re not just helping people figure out what to say, but instead helping them figure out what to do. 5. There must always be someone in the room willing to speak truth to power.  6. Almost every PR firm in the world now claims to offer crisis comm services — even if the firm doesn’t truly have experienced professionals on staff to deliver that service.  In this article, we offer seven questions you must ask before hiring a "crisis comm" firm.

In the News

Police Officer
From a Police Department PIO: 10 Tips for Crisis Communications
Dionne Waugh, formerly a reporter and now a public information officer for the Boulder, Colorado Police Department, has deep experience helping police departments communicate with the public during critical incidents.  That experience includes a mass shooting in 2021 when 10 people lost their lives. In a recent article written for Police Magazine, Ms. Waugh offers 10 tips, all short and to-the-point.
communication training
Why Leaders Need Communication Training and How to Do It
Leaders must communicate effectively in all situations—whether with teams, other leaders, key stakeholders or media. However, not all leaders receive proper training and communicating might not come naturally.  The skill set needed to communicate effectively, especially in high-stress situations, isn't a skill set most executives are born with.  But it can be learned.
Crafting Effective Quotes for Media Releases
Strong quotations can add value, credibility and depth to news releases. Commonly accepted guidelines for news releases include using the style, content and tone of news articles and feature stories. This makes a release more compatible with media outlets’ styles - and if your release needs little or no editing, the chance your words or information will be picked up by a media outlet increases exponentially. This makes it even more important that PR-generated content reflect the qualities of published work. Since quotes are an integral part of journalistic writing, they must be a part of a good news release.
gender stereotypes
How Gender Stereotypes Kill a Woman’s Self-Confidence
New research identifies one reason women might be shying away from certain professions: They lack confidence in their ability to compete in fields that men are stereotypically believed to perform more strongly in, such as science, math and technology.
How to Create a Crisis
How to Create a Crisis
GoLocal, an online publication in Providence, Rhode Island, recently wrote an editorial critical of recent decisions by Rhode Island education officials.  The editorial creatively lists everything those officials have been doing to create a crisis juxtaposed with tips for managing a crisis the right way, written by Northeastern University’s Graduate School.
southwest airlines
Crisis Management Lessons From Southwest Airlines’ Meltdown
As Southwest Airlines struggles to recover from its weather-related meltdown, crisis management and crisis communication lessons have already emerged that business leaders should keep in mind before they have to confront their own crisis.
Save Ukraine
The Olive Green Sweatshirt Goes to Congress
As we tell our clients, how you say something is often more important that what you say. Case-in-point was the way President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine dressed for his visit to Washington, DC and his appearance in front of Congress. Instead of a suit and tie, he wore an olive green sweatshirt, cargo pants and boots. Was this a mark of disrespect? Or was this, instead, a powerful political signal? We're not suggesting you don similar apparel in front of employees, customers, clients and funders. But there are indeed lessons to be learned from Zelensky's visit. 

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