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October 1, 2022
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Our Perspective

It’s 2022: Do You Know Where Your Audience Is?
By Howard Fencl, Hennes Communications
Quick! A controversial issue is about to blow up your company’s reputation. There’s heated chatter among Twitter trolls. Reporters are poking around in your email box and voicemail. There’s trash talk building in conversations among your customers, vendors and suppliers out in the real world.  
How should you respond?
Detecting Fake News
Free Webinar - Getting to the Truth: How to Detect Fake News
Thursday, October 13th, 2022 | 12:00 - 1:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4)
Presenter:  Thom Fladung, Hennes Communications

In the digital media era, when information – true and false – travels in seconds, fake news has become a prevalent challenge in society.  This webinar delves into the history of fake news, explores how we are living through a second coming of Yellow Journalism and provides practical tips for how to recognize fake news – and avoid spreading it.  This webinar is sponsored by the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, but non-attorneys will find this to be of interest.  If you do not need Continuing Legal Education credits, there is no fee to attend.

In the News

What Everyone Needs to Know
Ten Things You Need to Know As a Woman In-House Lawyer (for Non-Lawyers, Too)
Here’s a list of ten things this writer has observed women lawyers don’t know or do as in-house counsel that their male counterparts seem to do quite well.  It is her belief that, over time, this has resulted in a widening of the gap between them, and, if women in-house counsel focus on these ten things, they will find themselves much better positioned for success.  Female, male, non-binary, non-lawyer or otherwise, it’s worth the read.
Some News Organizations Have Hundreds of Obituaries Ready to Publish
Many news organizations keep prewritten obituaries, known as “advance obituaries,” of influential figures on hand, ready to publish at a moment’s notice. The Washington Post, which has roughly 900 of these stories on file, updated their obituary on the queen when news broke that she was under medical supervision. By the time the royal family confirmed her death, the Post was ready. The obituary was published just one minute after the official announcement.
Waffle House
Waffle House Delivers Masterclass in Crisis Management
It takes a pretty big event to close a national institution like Waffle House. Especially when it has its own disaster meter. Coined the “Waffle House Index,” it is not an official metric, yet government agencies, such as FEMA, use it. Unfortun-ately, Hurricane Ian challenged the index this week, causing the breakfast chain to announce a shutdown of 21 restaurants in the storm’s path. 
How to Vote: A Quick and Easy Guide
You have the right to vote even if you don’t speak or read English. This non-partisan guide will tell you about your right to ask for help, how to vote and what to do if you have problems. 
Lawyer delivering bad news
Ten Things: The Art of Delivering Bad News
When things are good your days are busy but manageable. And when you get to deliver good news to the business, things can really take a positive turn. Everyone likes to give and get good news. Unfortunately, unless you work in a very magical, wonderful place, not all the news you must deliver is good. While hopefully infrequent, there comes a time when you must deliver bad news. 
Explainer: What Does ‘Off the Record’ Mean?
'Off the record' is a phrase that can be used by a journalist or communicator during an interview or conversation. Some communicators or sources may wish to remain anonymous, but provide useful information to a member of the media. Some media may want to get to know a source or communicator better—without the source worrying about becoming the focal point of a story. Those conversations can also be off the record. 
Brett Favre football
On Brett Favre’s Welfare Scandal
Talk about a reputational challenge. The heat keeps turning up on ex-NFL quarterback Brett Favre. As part of a larger scandal, he’s alleged to have pressured Mississippi officials to turn over $8 million in welfare funds for his pet projects, including a volleyball stadium at his alma mater. And yet Favre seems to be doing nothing to defend his rep (such as it is).

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