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December 1, 2022
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Our Perspective

Media interview
Claim Control Over Your Media Interview – Part 2
By Howard Fencl, Hennes Communications
Blame your mom and dad. From day #1, we’re all taught that it’s polite to answer questions when we’re asked. Answer your parents’ questions. Answer your teacher’s questions. Answer your boss. So, our knee-jerk reflex when we wind up doing an interview with a reporter? Dutifully answer the questions. 
Law enforcement
Understanding and Managing Your Next Crisis: A Communications Playbook for Law Enforcement
By Thom Fladung, Managing Partner, Hennes Communications, and Terry R. Derden, Chief Legal Advisor, Ada County Sheriff’s Office, Idaho
One of the worst phone calls for any sheriff or chief is learning they have an officer down or that an officer took someone’s life. Most law enforcement executives have a solid plan for the immediate aftermath of an officer-involved shooting, but the bigger worry is the fear of the unknown as the situation plays out beyond the first 24 or 48 hours. 

Our Featured Columnist - Richard Levick

We the People
There But For the Grace of God Go I
If we have learned anything over the past six years, it is that the Social Compact is real and serves as the bedrock for a civilized society.  This contractual bond is often taken for granted by many companies who view their customer relationships as merely transactional. But customers, shareholders and increasingly stakeholders, those individuals with influence but no direct financial interest, believe they have a social compact with the companies they choose to follow, whether or not they are buyers or investors. Breach that compact and you have eviscerated trust and will long postpone the time when you become a part of their identity.

In the News

How the U.S. Men’s Soccer Captain, 23, Delivered a Pitch-Perfect Response
Press conferences sometimes are especially difficult. Communicators urge executives that ignoring everything but the questioner is the best route. Still, it’s a form of public speaking. Something reminds us that not only are dozens of reporters listening, it’s possible, through digital technology, that our words will make their way around the world, at light speed.
School Mass Shooting
The Club That No One Wants to Join
The Principal Recovery Network, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like—a support group for current and former principals who have experienced shootings at their schools. That there is even a need for such a deeply niche, macabre club—that enough people are affected by school shootings in America that they can be sorted into subcategories—is unsettling enough. What’s worse is that every year, this group, with its unfathomable cost of entry, has more and more work to do.
Layoffs and Communication: What NOT to Do
How a company handles the communications of a layoff can have an impact not only on the current workforce and future employees, but its overall reputation as well. And many companies are not so well handling layoffs. Leaders claim they believe in transparency and empathy, but they aren’t always showing it.
Social Media
Social Media and Information Warfare: The New Warfront
American citizens in the Vietnam war era first witnessed–via journalism and televised news–the realities of war, much to their horror. But in the context of modern warfare, social media now competes with these “filtered” mediums. Rather than being used solely to relay news and updates and “realities,” social media has become an information weapon that is just as influential as infantry on the ground, presenting the world with new ways to spread propaganda, new tactically offensive uses, and new ways to share humanitarian developments.  
War room
The Important Roles War Rooms Play Before & During A Business Crisis
News that England’s National Health Service said that it will establish war rooms to help prepare for and respond to the impact of the coming winter underscores the important role the command centers can play in managing crises. 
You Won’t Make It If You Fake It
“Faking it” is the antithesis of authentic leadership. Following this advice is the most likely path to failure as a leader. You cannot act like a leader until you go through the hard steps of developing yourself from within.
Social media
Social Media: Information Communicator or Destroyer?
In this digital age, the number of ways to disseminate information has grown exponentially over the last two decades. The internet has gone from an era of Netscape browsers and dial-up connections to an infinite hydra of constantly updating social media sites, with thousands of hours of content uploaded by the minute. These social media platforms contain impossible amounts of footage that cannot be deciphered or verified.  

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