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November 01, 2022
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Our Perspective

Crisis in Schools
Today’s Lesson for Schools in Crisis: Make Communications Part of the Solution
By Thomas Fladung, Hennes Communications
It’s little wonder that when schools seek help for communications we see a wide range of issues. But the situations we encounter, all have one important factor in common: The school leadership team must talk about it. They can’t ignore it. It isn’t going away. And the people the schools care about the most –  teachers, staffers, parents and students – are waiting to hear what’s going to be done.
Two men sitting at a trade show booth
Going to the Ohio School Boards Association CapConference in Columbus?
Be sure to see OSBA Chief Legal Counsel Sara Clark and Bruce Hennes, CEO of Hennes Communications, speak on November 13 at 1:30 pm about "Crisis Management for Education Leaders."  On November 14, Hennes managing partner Thom Fladung talks at 10:30 am about "A Public Schools Social Media Primer." To talk to Thom or Bruce during the conference, stop by our booth at the trade show.

In the News

unhappy restaurant patron
James Corden and the Dangers of Likability
No one knows what an egg yolk omelet is, but we all know that TV hosts are supposed to be relatable.  Or should they?  That didn't do Ellen DeGeneres any favors.
The Bruce Willis Deepfake Is Everyone’s Problem
Jean-Luc Godard once claimed, regarding cinema, “When I die, it will be the end.” Godard passed away last month; film perseveres. Yet artificial intelligence has raised a kindred specter: that humans may go obsolete long before their artistic mediums do. Novels scribed by GPT-3; art conjured by DALL·E—machines could be making art long after people are gone. Actors are not exempt. As deepfakes evolve, fears are mounting that future films, TV shows, and commercials may not need them at all.
Google review removed
How To Get A Google Review Removed
While the process of removing a Google review is not necessarily complex, Google’s guidelines determine if you have a review that is eligible for removal. However, there are common violations that may allow organizations to remove reviews from their Google Business Profile. 
Woman looking at computer
Surviving a Professional Faux Pas
A professional faux pas is something we all will likely encounter along the way of our career paths.  I am not sure if they are actually as life-changing as we think they are in our minds and at the time they happen.  A faux pas is a significant or embarrassing error or mistake  Given our slow and difficult climb out of the Covid pandemic and an array of social awareness changes in the world, it should be understood that faux pas are likely to occur to everyone. The opportunity derived from such an action lets us develop as professionals.
Young Man Researching the News
5 Media Literacy Tips to Avoid Election Misinformation
With the midterm elections looming, former CNN host Carl Azuz and TikTok influencer Hasley Pitman are offering pro tips for navigating the misinformation you will see as the election approaches.  
Spreading disinformation
Social Media Made Spreading Disinformation Easy
Atlantic staff writer Anne Applebaum, an expert on Eastern Europe, has long watched social media’s power with great concern. At Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy, a conference hosted by The Atlantic and the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics, she spoke with David Axelrod, the founding director of the Institute of Politics, about the dangers these platforms pose to democracy. They discussed Russia’s disinformation efforts, what makes some conspiracy theories so successful, how institutions can rebuild trust and more. 
Fake news
Prebunking is Effective at Fighting Misinformation, Study Finds
Prebunk is a frequently used term used in the fact-checking space. It’s derived from debunk and means to preemptively refute expected false narratives, misinformation or manipulation techniques. As opposed to fact-checking every instance of a false claim, which many argue is impossible, prebunking seeks to inoculate the public against anticipated narratives in advance. 

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