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July 15, 2019
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Our Perspective

Why “Winging It” is Not an Option for Your News Interview
By Howard Fencl, Hennes Communications  If all you do is answer questions, you have no control over your interview. If you say “no comment,” or nothing at all, it looks like you’re hiding something. It looks like you’re GUILTY of something.
Wayfair Learns the Cost of Doing Business Can Include a Damaged Reputation and Loss of Employee Faith
By Nora Jacobs, Hennes Communications  In reality, the more far-flung, complex and large an entity is, the harder it becomes to make sure the organization adheres to its values.  
Founding Fathers
An Independence Day Salute to Our Founding Fathers of Fake News
By Thom Fladung, managing partner, Hennes Communications  Amidst July's fireworks, hot dogs and parades, let’s remember another grand American tradition: making stuff up.

In the News

The Audience in the Mind’s Eye: How Journalists Imagine Their Readers
A central irony of the newsroom is that while many journalists’ decisions are made with readers in mind, the audiences for their work often remain unfocused, imagined abstractions, built on long-held assumptions, newsroom folklore, and imperfect inference.
The End of the Ad World as We Knew It
In “Frenemies,” media reporter Ken Auletta examines the collateral damage wrought by an age of consumers living an ad-free existence.
Body Language and Leadership Effectiveness – How to Achieve ‘Executive Presence’
What is executive presence, or charisma, exactly?  Is it sprinkled like fairy dust on a few lucky individuals, or is it something anyone can learn?


Q: Where do people go now when news breaks?
A:  From Howard Fencl at Hennes Communications:  They go to social media – because that’s where the news is breaking. Just last December, the Pew Institute study reported that, for the first time in its history, social media had exceeded print media as a primary news source. Just 16 percent of respondents said they depend on print media like old-fashioned newspapers, for news. That was behind social media, which got 20 percent. In 1996, the Pew study showed 72 percent of people surveyed read a newspaper daily and only 12 percent were going online for news. That’s why it’s imperative that your company have a strong, already-established social media presence when a crisis breaks or an issue erupts.

Got a question about crisis communications, issues management or reputation management? We’ve got the answers. Send your question  to

Not Just for Attorneys

Why Hennes?

Attorneys across the country increasingly understand the following: 
  • Since there are no real barriers to entry, every P.R. firm in the U.S. now offers “crisis communications.”  In actuality, they don’t.  Crisis work requires a different – and often counterintuitive - skill set from the traditional practice of public relations.  As well, it’s also an art form where more often than not we’re helping attorneys and their clients figure out not just what to say, but what to do, which isn’t something learned from a book.
  • More and more often, attorneys – especially those who truly understand their clients’ business models and wish to offer holistic advice, rather than simply serving as legal “transactionalists” - are beginning to understand that the Court of Public Opinion is arguably more important than the Court of Law, especially since 97% of all cases never actually make it to trial.
  • We tend to be brought into client situations and law firms in one of three ways: The CEO (who heard one of us speak or as a referral) brings us in directly, usually asking us to work alongside their G.C. or their outside law firm.  An attorney attends one of our CLEs, immediately realizes the value we bring to the situation at-hand and recommends retaining us directly by their client or under the law firm umbrella.  An attorney hears one of us speak at a conference and brings us to the law firm to speak to a practice group.  Someone from the firm’s marketing department sits in on that seminar, realizes a similar CLE would be a great value-add to existing clients and/or as a marketing event for new business development and brings us back for that purpose.
For more on this subject, click here

For a full list of upcoming CLEs, click here.

    Expert Witnesses for Online            Issues - Just a Click Away

The Court of Public Opinion is always in session on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other websites where harsh reviews and caustic criticism carry the day.
Increasingly, the issues that start in this Court of Public Opinion are ending up in a Court of Law. At Hennes Communications, we have experts who understand online reputation management, online media coverage, the impact of negative online content, the effectiveness and cost of search suppression and more.
Looking for an expert witness who can help your client win on these thorny issues? Call Thom Fladung at Hennes Communications at 216-321-7774.


            Media Training

No one trains clients for high-stakes situations better than Hennes Communications. We can teach you how to communicate with power, mastering even the toughest interview, speech or presentation.  Call or email us today and ask us about crisis, media, spokesperson and presentation training/coaching for you, your top executives and managers.

Remember – it's usually not what you say, but how you say it.  Never again go into a media interview unprepared or go before a hostile audience uncoached.                   



You have a situation. 
We have a strategy.  

Because the Court of Public Opinion is always in session.


SmartBusiness Honors Hennes CEO

Since 2014, the Northeast Ohio Smart 50 Awards recognize the top executives of the 50 smartest companies in the Northeast Ohio region for their ability to effectively build and lead successful organizations. Congratulations to our own CEO, Bruce Hennes, who recently received a Smart 50 Award.

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