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Communications Training

No one trains clients for high-stakes situations better than Hennes Communications. We can prepare your staff and media spokesperson before the media show up and teach you how to communicate with power, mastering even the toughest interview, speech or presentation.

Call us today at 216-321-7774 or email us at [email protected] and ask us about crisis, media, spokesperson and presentation training/coaching for you, your top executives – or anyone who might have to hold the fort down with a reporter until the appropriate spokesperson can arrive on the scene.

Remember – you’ll be judged not just by how you handle a crisis, but by how you communicate in a crisis. Never again go into a media interview unprepared or go before a hostile audience uncoached.

Media Training

Very few individuals are naturally gifted when it comes to appearing on-camera or speaking before groups.

For Attorneys Only

An attorney’s duties do not begin inside the courtroom door.

Communicating During Extreme Crises

From time to time, we present a seminar on “Extreme Crisis Communications” for government officials.

Using Social Media in a Crisis

There’s no way around it: today, when a crisis occurs, people go online to discuss it.


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“(Hennes Communication’s) media training is a must for corporate, civic and government leaders who are or may be in the media spotlight at any point in their careers. (Their) training prepared me for media interactions in every conceivable format, including daily print, magazines, radio, television and webcasting. Until I worked with (Hennes Communications), I had no understanding of the complexity and variability in each format and how to shape my message appropriately to maximize my impact. His ongoing coaching enables me to continue to improve my style, delivery and, bottom line, my impact. He also provided me with a series of easy-to-remember, highly effective tips to use on an ongoing basis; they have been invaluable in saving me from me. Most importantly, (they are) always available in a pinch.”
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