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On Brett Favre’s Welfare Scandal

By Thom Weidlich for PRCG | Haggerty LLC Talk about a reputational challenge. The heat keeps turning up on ex-NFL quarterback Brett Favre. As part of a larger scandal, he’s alleged to have pressured Mississippi officials to turn over $8 million in welfare funds for his pet projects, including a volleyball stadium at his alma […]

The 9 Rules for True Apologies

By Harriet Lerner Ph.D. for Psychology Today   I’ve been studying apologies—and the people who can’t give them—for more than two decades. But you don’t need to be an expert on the subject to recognize when a bad apology flattens you. Here’s a list of the nine essential ingredients of a true apology. The next time you […]

Lawyers Should Not Rewrite Crisis Communications

Introduction by Bruce Hennes, Hennes Communications   Hennes Communications was founded in 1989 as a full-service public relations firm.  In 2001, after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, we became one of the few firms in North America focused exclusively on crisis management and crisis communications. Since then, we frequently work with attorneys, who tend to be the […]

Crafting the First Statement in Crisis Situations: What To Say and When to Say It

By Nora Jacobs, Hennes Communications   For organizations responding to sudden, catastrophic crisis events, one of the most challenging decisions to make involves determining what to say and when to say it. Wait until all the facts have been gathered and you risk not being part of the critical first news cycle, which often sets […]

How Sincere Is Will Smith’s Video Apology?

By Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Four months after slapping Chris Rock in front of millions of people, Will Smith has posted an emotional video apology asking for forgiveness and understanding. Undoubtedly, the question in many people’s minds is whether the apology is a sincere expression of remorse or a desperate attempt to salvage an imploding career. Following […]

How to Admit You’re Wrong; Admitting Wrongdoing Isn’t a Failure, It’s an Opportunity

By Allie Volpe for Vox   Julia Strand was confident in her scientific findings when they were published in 2018. Strand’s research showed that when a circular beacon of light was present in a noisy setting, people expended less energy listening to their conversation partner and responded quicker than without the light. The feedback was […]

The Skill Set That Got You Into the C-Suite Isn’t Necessarily the Skill Set You Need to Manage a Crisis

It’s a simple fact: Controversies today are tried in the Court of Public Opinion more often than the Court of Law. News now breaks first on social media, with traditional media sweeping Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for leads. Whether your organization is immersed in crisis or dealing with a hot-button issue, your news can quickly […]

7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Crisis Communications Firm

Crisis communications is a sub-specialty of the public relations profession that is designed to protect and defend an individual, company, or organization facing a public challenge to its reputation. Crisis communications is aimed at raising awareness of a specific type of threat, the magnitude, outcomes, and specific behaviors to adopt to reduce the threat.   […]

How PR Pros Can Avoid Overused Phrases to Express Sympathy

By Hinda Mitchell, with Inspire PR Group… Our nation has not been without a crisis for some time. In local communities, there are crises nearly every day. In families and relationships there are unfortunate, tragic events, unnecessary deaths, injuries and accidents. My purpose in writing is not to minimize any of these; each takes a […]

Jif Stuck in a Recall Jam Demonstrates a Teachable Moment

Introduction by Howard Fencl, Hennes Communications… It’s not even a guilty pleasure. I have unapologetically devoured ton upon ton of JIF peanut butter in my lifetime. And I’ll continue doing so. Not to denigrate Skippy or Peter Pan or the grocery store’s pricey boutique nut butter offerings, but I’ve been a Jif guy for a […]

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