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Ellen DeGeneres — Time for a Crisis Management Lesson

From David E. Johnson, writing for CommPro: Talk show host and comedian, Ellen DeGeneres is the latest celebrity that could be cancelled.  Both she and the top management of her hit talk show, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” are under an internal investigation by the show’s distributor, Warner Brothers.   There are allegations of intimidation, sexual […]

What Have We Learned from COVID-19?

As regular readers of this newsletter know, one of our regular correspondents is Peter M. Sandman, one of the world’s preeminent risk communications consultants.  Another way we describe him to our clients is that he is our go-to guy when it comes to risk communications. Recently, Dr. Sandman was interviewed by Impact, a publication of […]

You Took a PPP Loan. Now Get Ready to Talk About It.

By Bruce Hennes, Hennes Communications EDITOR’S NOTE:  On the morning of Monday, July 6, the SBA released a database with the names and information for all entities that received a PPP loan of $150,000 or more.  You can download that list here.  At this time, it is unclear if and when the names of those […]

Crisis Comms: Saying Nothing is the Worst Strategy

From Greg Friese, writing for… t has been more than a week since mass protests and riots erupted in dozens of cities in the U.S. in response to the death of George Floyd. In the days that followed, public safety leaders expressed their grief for Floyd, condemnation of the four former officers, and discussed their […]

Verbs Take Sides in George Floyd Demonstration Coverage

Public trust in the media has tanked in the last four years. Police have become increasingly hostile to media, lately arresting or hectoring reporters covering demonstrations of George Floyd’s killing by one of their own. Yet, media tend to gravitate to milquetoast verbs writing about police behavior in riots. Police “deploy” anti-riot tactics or “disperse” […]

Why Trolls Spew Hate and What to Do if They Work for You

[by Howard Fencl, Hennes Communications] Impossibly, daily headlines keep coming at us outing people at every level of society who insist on blurting out heinous, racially insensitive soundbites, tweets and posts in the wake of the horrifying killing of George Floyd. Amid the ensuing protests, the incoming chairman of a county Republican party in Houston […]

What Customers Need to Hear from You During the COVID Crisis

From Jill Avery and Richard Edelman, writing for the Harvard Business School… As the COVID-19 virus pandemic began to sweep across the world, Doug McMillon and his team at Walmart watched in horror. Suddenly, they realized, tomorrow would be nothing like “business as usual” and everything in the company’s marketing plan, from retail execution to […]

Crisis Communication: 5 Steps for Damage Control

By Thom Fladung, Hennes Communications, writing for The Wisconsin Lawyer: Attorney Andy Phillips, like many folks, looks back a bit wistfully at the “good old days.” “I wish it was back in the day where I could go home at 6 o’clock and sit down with the paper for a half hour,” says Phillips, whose […]

5 Crisis Communications Lessons from Cuomo’s Coronavirus Response

From Michael Kling, writing for Glean. Public relations experts and other commentators point to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 communications as an example of how leaders should speak to the public during a crisis. Business leaders and PR professionals can examine Cuomo’s press conferences for several crisis communications lessons. While the New York governor […]

Coronavirus: Allaying Panic, Doctors Talking to Patients, Comparing COVID-19 to Seasonal Flu & Reaction to President Trump’s News Conference

Beyond the headlines and soundbites, the main effect from coronavirus seen thus far in the United States may be confusion. Who to believe. What to believe. And how best to prepare and think about this latest global threat right now. Here, we offer analysis and advice from the United States’ preeminent risk communication speakers and consultants, […]

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