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7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Crisis Communications Firm

Crisis communications is a sub-specialty of the public relations profession that is designed to protect and defend an individual, company, or organization facing a public challenge to its reputation. Crisis communications is aimed at raising awareness of a specific type of threat, the magnitude, outcomes, and specific behaviors to adopt to reduce the threat.   […]

Alaska Airlines’ CEO Just Taught a Master Class in Crisis Communication

By Minda Zetlin for Inc. – Facing a raft of cancellations, Alaska Airlines CEO Ben Minicucci did something highly unusual–perhaps unprecedented. He sent a video message to all of the airlines’ employees and frequent flyers apologizing for the problem and explaining what the company is doing to fix it. It’s a brilliant piece of crisis communication […]

Chaotic Communication Adds to Pain of Texas School Shooting

From Christopher J. Tennyson, writing for Crisis Quotient Blog – In the Early Hours of a Crisis, Getting Things Right Trumps Fast Response We’re all still processing the horror of last week’s mass murder in Uvalde, Texas. Continuing confusion about just what happened at Robb Elementary School that day is adding to the pain being […]

Why Wall Street Can’t Escape the Culture Wars

By Paul J. Davies, writing for Bloomberg – Wall Street has always been involved in politics even if bank bosses sometimes want to pretend disinterest. In the past, they were able to stick mainly to battles about tax and regulation. Now, it is ever harder to avoid the U.S. culture wars. Citigroup Inc. Chief Executive […]

How PR Pros Can Avoid Overused Phrases to Express Sympathy

By Hinda Mitchell, with Inspire PR Group… Our nation has not been without a crisis for some time. In local communities, there are crises nearly every day. In families and relationships there are unfortunate, tragic events, unnecessary deaths, injuries and accidents. My purpose in writing is not to minimize any of these; each takes a […]

The Handmaid’s Tale

From our friend and colleague, Richard Levick at… We are an over-polled society, a fact which subsequently influences politicians to prefer to follow rather than lead. Yet, how is it possible that up until U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s draft in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization leaked, only 20% of Americans thought […]

How Cyberattacks Target Stakeholders

By Meredith Griffanti, Evan Roberts  and Josh Chodor of  FTI Consulting… For businesses hit by ransomware attacks, paying the ransom is often the most practical solution to recovering data and minimizing an extremely stressful situation. However, paying a ransom, which can sometimes range into the millions, is easier said than done. In situations where a […]

When Should Corporations Take a Stand on High-Profile Social Issues?

By Tony Jaques, writing for Managing Outcomes… The likely overthrow of Roe v Wade to limit access to abortion in the United States has highlighted whether and when business corporations should take a stand on controversial social issues. Denim company Levi Strauss was one of the first major companies to weigh in on this debate, […]

Leadership in Times of Crisis

From Chelsey Keith P. Ignacio, writing for Business World… The true test of leadership, as they say, is adversity. When everything goes according to plan, or when profits come and grow and employees feel content in the company, playing the role of a leader may seem to run smoothly. However, when a significant crisis happened […]

Why Should Your School Reach Out To a Crisis Communications Firm?

By Stephanie York, JD, Hennes Communications Quick – What’s the single highest priority for a superintendent, head of school or board president?  It’s not education.  It’s safety. And just one part of that safety net is making sure you have a pre-written crisis communications plan at your fingertips – or at least the phone number […]

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