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How to Become a “Supercommunicator”

From Charles Duhigg, writing for The Wall Street Journal… When Nicholas Epley was in high school, he was such a bad listener that it almost ruined his life. A star football player in a small Iowa town, he was stopped for drunk driving one night and handed over to his parents rather than being arrested. […]

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Defending Against Conspiracies Through Storytelling

NOTE:  The original title of this article is Defending Against Courtroom Conspiracies Through Storytelling.  We took the editorial liberty of removing “Courtroom” from the title of this introduction in the hope that non-attorneys will read this, too. Introduction by Bruce Hennes, Hennes Communications In 2024, misinformation continues to be a pervasive force across all sectors […]

Today’s Lesson for Schools: Crisis Communications as a Solution

By Thom Fladung, Hennes Communications Today’s assignment: Search “crises and schools” in a Google news search. You’ll find 382,000 results. Here’s a quick headline sample: A Crisis of School Absences Mental health crisis in schools: 4 ways educators can take action Report: Schools Won’t Recover from COVID Absenteeism Crisis Until at Least 2030 Crisis In […]

Unveiling the Unseen: Navigating the Ever-Evolving World of Local TV News

Buckle up, readers! Prepare for an eye-opening journey into the dynamic world of local television news. Monica Robins, the seasoned Senior Health Correspondent at Cleveland’s NBC-affiliate, WKYC-TV, recently peeled back the curtain on the ever-shifting landscape of the industry. In an age where longevity in the TV business is as rare as a shooting star, […]

The Best 2024 Super Bowl Ads & How to ‘Write Tight’

Introduction by Bruce Hennes, Hennes Communications… Every year, our Crisis Management Today newsletter emphasizes the power of brevity in communication. We advocate for “writing tight” — a skill crucial for captivating an audience with notoriously short attention spans. To influence, motivate or inspire change effectively, embracing conciseness is key. One of the most impactful ways […]

‘The Voice We Woke Up To’: Bob Edwards, Longtime ‘Morning Edition’ Host, Dies at 76

By Lynn Neary, for NPR… Bob Edwards, the veteran broadcaster and longtime host of Morning Edition who left an indelible mark on NPR’s sound, has died. He was 76 years old. NPR’s Susan Stamberg says Edwards’ voice became part of the morning routine for millions of Americans. “He was Bob Edwards of Morning Edition for 24 1/2 years, and […]

How AI Deepfakes Threaten the 2024 Elections

By Rehan Mirza, The Journalist’s Resource Last month, a robocall impersonating U.S. President Joe Biden went out to New Hampshire voters, advising them not to vote in the state’s presidential primary election.  The voice, generated by artificial intelligence, sounded quite real. “Save your vote for the November election,” the voice stated, falsely asserting that a vote in […]

Call of Duty: Managing Mobile Texts & Tweets with Transparency – a Guide for Government Officials

If you’re an elected official or a government employee, navigating the intersection of personal social media usage and public records law is complex. With laws varying and evolving nationwide, it’s critically important to differentiate between personal, campaign and official social media accounts to comply with public records laws. Here are some general guidelines for you […]

Why ‘Off the Record’ is a High-Wire Act Best Avoided

By Hennes Communications Q:  A reporter wants to interview me, and I don’t want to be identified as the source of the information.  What do I do? A:  The reporter’s goal is to interview you with no strings attached – everything you say and do can be reported. This is called “on the record” and […]

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