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Don’t Let a Crisis Become Your Legacy

From Zach Olsen, writing in Inside Higher Ed: Public perception has become reality — reputations are made and destroyed overnight thanks to the power of social and online media and an emboldened public who has seen Twitter bring down corporate titans and foment socio-political unrest around the world. Schools can no longer be certain they’ll […]

Nailing Your TV News Interview – Part 2 – The Ambush

By Howard Fencl, Hennes Communications You’re grappling with serious challenges that threaten your organization, and perhaps your career. Someone leaks an internal e-mail to the media, and reporters have been leaving you voicemail messages all day asking for your comment on the issue. Your company’s unwritten policy is to ignore the media, and your general […]

How to Nail Your TV News Interview – Part 1

By Howard Fencl, Hennes Communications I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I earned my stripes in TV producing newscasts and managing newsrooms for the better part of twenty years, and I can now freely admit the following: I loved reporters who came trotting breathlessly back into the newsroom with video of […]

Journalists Believe News and Opinion are Separate, but Readers Can’t Tell the Difference

From Kevin M. Lerner, Assistant Professor of Journalism at Marist College: The New York Times opinion editor James Bennet resigned recently after the paper published a controversial opinion essay by U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton that advocated using the military to put down protests. The essay sparked outrage among the public as well as among younger reporters at […]

Land O’Lakes Isn’t Talking About Its Logo Change, and That’s a Big Mistake

From AdWeek: The decision by dairy brand Land O’Lakes to eliminate the kneeling Native American woman offering up sticks of butter on its logo marks the end of a problematic mascot with a nearly 100-year history. As of April 30, she—who, by some accounts, was named Mia—is still featured on products on the website. Land O’Lakes said […]

Newspaper Atones for Ad’s Bad Tone

From our good friend and colleague, James Haggerty and his associate, Thom Weidlich: With everything confronting newspapers these days, including a pandemic and the death of their business model, it’s notable that one — The Tennessean — could present us this week with a laudable crisis response. And this was a crisis that sprung internally, offering the […]

The Facebook Ad Boycotts Have Entered the Big Leagues. Now What?

From Megan Graham at CNBC: KEY POINTS An advertiser boycott of Facebook is gaining steam, now counting Verizon and Unilever among its participants. Starbucks and spirits giant Diageo joined the campaign over the weekend. Analysts say these advertisers have the potential to influence more companies to join the boycott. The boycotts could prove promising for […]

What Have We Learned from COVID-19?

As regular readers of this newsletter know, one of our regular correspondents is Peter M. Sandman, one of the world’s preeminent risk communications consultants.  Another way we describe him to our clients is that he is our go-to guy when it comes to risk communications. Recently, Dr. Sandman was interviewed by Impact, a publication of […]

You Took a PPP Loan. Now Get Ready to Talk About It.

By Bruce Hennes, Hennes Communications EDITOR’S NOTE:  On the morning of Monday, July 6, the SBA released a database with the names and information for all entities that received a PPP loan of $150,000 or more.  You can download that list here.  At this time, it is unclear if and when the names of those […]

Crisis Comms: Saying Nothing is the Worst Strategy

From Greg Friese, writing for… t has been more than a week since mass protests and riots erupted in dozens of cities in the U.S. in response to the death of George Floyd. In the days that followed, public safety leaders expressed their grief for Floyd, condemnation of the four former officers, and discussed their […]

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