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Defending Against Conspiracies Through Storytelling

NOTE:  The original title of this article is Defending Against Courtroom Conspiracies Through Storytelling.  We took the editorial liberty of removing “Courtroom” from the title of this introduction in the hope that non-attorneys will read this, too. Introduction by Bruce Hennes, Hennes Communications In 2024, misinformation continues to be a pervasive force across all sectors […]

How Public Schools Can Survive a First Amendment Audit

By Howard Fencl and Thom Fladung for Hennes Communications “Nothing in the Constitution requires the Government freely to grant access to all who wish to exercise their right to free speech on every type of Government property without regard to the nature of the property or to the disruption that might be caused by the […]

N.Y.P.D. Officials Deploy Aggressive Use of Force (on Social Media)

By Maria Cramer and Dana Rubinstein for The New York Times A newspaper columnist was accused of being “deceitful.” A lawyer and political activist was challenged to show her face at the funeral of a fallen officer. And a city councilwoman became the target of an apparent “vote her out” campaign. The combative comments — all posted on X, […]

Russian Group Spread Disinformation About Princess of Wales, Experts Say

From Mark Landler and Adam Satariano, writing for The New York Times… The whirl of conspiracy theories that enveloped Catherine, Princess of Wales, before she disclosed her cancer diagnosis last week probably didn’t need help from a foreign state. But researchers in Britain said Wednesday that a notorious Russian disinformation operation helped stir the pot. Martin Innes, an expert […]

The British Royal Family Learns That if You Don’t Fill an Information Vacuum, Someone Else Will

By David Bauder, writing for the Associated Press… A media frenzy was born on Feb. 27, when the hashtag #WhereIsKate exploded online with speculation about the whereabouts of Britain’s Princess of Wales. It opened a rabbit hole of amateur detective work, memes, bizarre theories and jokes — mixed with genuine concern about Kate’s health — […]

Oh, Ohtani! Gambling Scandal Has High Comms Stakes

From our colleague, Tom Weidlich, at PRCG | Haggerty… One of the biggest crises currently rocking the sports world — the gambling scandal swirling around Los Angeles Dodgers superstar Shohei Ohtani — raises all sorts of tawdry communications issues with all sorts of important communications lessons. Not the least of those lessons arises from a […]

Can Sports Journalism Survive in the Era of the Athlete?

By Josh Hersh, writing for The Columbia Journalism Review… Todd Frazier is trying to figure out how to mute himself. It’s January, and he’s on the set of the digital show he cohosts, in the training complex—the vibe is CrossFit gym with sports-bar decor—just behind his house in suburban New Jersey. Everywhere you look are […]

5 Ways to Combat Misinformation About Your Brand

Simon Reynolds at Cision writes… We live in a fast-moving media landscape, where rumors and misinformation can surface and spread quickly across social media channels. This, coupled with consumers being more skeptical than ever, means brands face challenges in maintaining their reputation and managing public perception. PR and communications teams know that they must play a […]

Unveiling the Unseen: Navigating the Ever-Evolving World of Local TV News

Buckle up, readers! Prepare for an eye-opening journey into the dynamic world of local television news. Monica Robins, the seasoned Senior Health Correspondent at Cleveland’s NBC-affiliate, WKYC-TV, recently peeled back the curtain on the ever-shifting landscape of the industry. In an age where longevity in the TV business is as rare as a shooting star, […]

Between Headlines and Punchlines: Journalistic Role Performance in Western News Satire

From Sara Ödmarka at the Department of Communication, Quality Management and Information Systems, Mid Sweden University,Sundsvall, Sweden and Jonas Nicola at the Center for Sociological Research, KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium “When I asked people ‘Are you journalists?’ they would say no. But if I asked them ‘Is what is what you do journalistic?’ they say […]

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