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Hennes Communications Listed Among Top Advisors to the Legal Profession

Hennes Communications has been named among the top crisis PR firms in the U.S. by Chambers and Partners, the leading independent professional legal research company in the world. Hennes Communications is one of only 18 communication consulting firms included in the list for 2024. Bruce Hennes, chief executive officer, also received an individual ranking by […]

Communicating Purpose in the Age of Polarization

From Alex Lewis writing for PRNews… For brands with a mission, the success of PR and marketing often rests on uniting people behind a common cause, such as climate change or gender equality. But in these polarizing times, political views shape people’s attitudes to purpose-related issues. Rather than bringing people together, research shows that highlighting the seriousness […]

It’s Time Corporates Stopped Trying to be Political Players

From our good friend in Australia, Tony Jaques, at Issues Outcome.  Check out his website here. With universities tying themselves in knots over free speech and campus protests, and corporations struggling to decide what to say on high profile issues, it’s time to revisit whether management should speak up or shut up. Despite the headlines […]

Forget Storytelling. CEOs Must Learn Better Crisis Communication

Published by Tony Jaques for Managing Outcomes When responding to a crisis or a major issue, CEOs need to speak clearly, with authority and empathy. What then to make of the latest advice from consultants McKinsey, whose expert on “go-to-market and omnichannel strategy, agile sales and marketing transformation” proposes that Chief Executives should be their […]

Leading in a Crisis: Committing to Clear Crisis Communications

Why ‘meaning-making’ matters In every crisis, it is essential that government and public sector leaders provide a compelling story. A good crisis narrative teaches the public about the realities of the predicament. It conveys what leaders know, do not know and cannot know, and what they are doing to figure out as much as possible. […]

5 Reasons It’s Time to “Unlike” Social Media for Risk Management

An article from Security Magazine For many organizations, it was déjà vu this March. Meta’s platforms Facebook and Instagram experienced outages on Tuesday, March 5th that lasted approximately two hours, coinciding with Super Tuesday voting in 16 states. And today, LinkedIn experienced an outage impacting thousands of users around the globe. It’s not the first time outages of this magnitude […]

3 Ways to Clearly Communicate Your Company’s Strategy

By Constantinos C. Markides and Andrew MacLennan for Harvard Business Review A pilot once told us a story about an accident on an early morning flight in the 1950s. As the aircraft accelerated to take off, the captain noticed his flight engineer’s sullen expression and called out, “Cheer up, George.” But in his sleepy state, […]

Speaking Out or Staying Silent: A Guide to Creating Communications Plans for Bars

By Nick Hansen for the American Bar Association “If you can see it coming, it’s not a crisis,” said Bruce Hennes, CEO of Hennes Communications, to audience members at his 2024 Bar Leadership Institute workshop “Speaking Out or Strategic Silence? Organizational Approaches to Issuing Public Statements.”Hennes, along with Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association (CMBA) CEO Becky […]

Three Must-Haves in Your Next Press Release

By Matt Petteruto for PR News As the media landscape continues to change at a dizzying pace, it can be difficult for PR and communications pros to keep pace. Layoffs continue to mount, while the manner in which news is delivered and consumed by audiences is constantly evolving. Despite these rapid changes, one thing remains for […]

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