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Facebook Adopts ‘Community Standards’ – Have You?

[By Thom Fladung/Hennes Communications] Facebook recently revealed what content it’s going to allow its users to post – and what’s not allowed. If you have social media channels like a Facebook page that invites comments or a website or some other digital platform where people can comment, you should do the same. The Bay Area […]

Bot or Not? The Answer Can Help Your Crisis Communications Response – and Protect Your Reputation.

[By Thom Fladung/Hennes Communications] Talk to a bot lately? If you’re on Twitter, chances are decent you have. Bots are automated accounts that have proliferated in social media networks, particularly Twitter and Instagram. They appear to be real people. “They come in all shapes and sizes, and they are borderline perfect,” a story in Forbes […]

Crisis Management and Your Reputation in the Supercharged Era of “Confirmation Bias”

[By Howard Fencl and Thom Fladung, Hennes Communications] It’s a nightmare scenario in every organization’s 21st century communications plan: Your reputation is under attack and it’s all playing out on Facebook, Twitter and other sites. Social media trolls light a digital wildfire, igniting a massive, cascading misinformation campaign about your business. Rumors, false accusations and outright […]

Can Chipotle’s Reputation Management Strategy Save the Brand?

From ContentStandard: A string of food contaminations in its restaurants has put Chipotle in a desperate situation. Its sales in the final quarter of 2015 dropped by nearly 15 percent, and its stock is currently below $460 after an all-time high of $758 just a few months earlier. To try and correct its course, the […]

How to Deal with Negative Facebook Comments

From SocialTimes: An unfortunate reality for page administrators on Facebook is the need to deal with negative comments, but deleting those comments or disabling them altogether is a mistake. Social analytics and reporting firm Locowise shared a guide to dealing with negative comments, saying that the positives of leaving comments enabled on Facebook pages still […]

Crisis Management – How to Appear Confident & Self-Assured, Even When You’re Not

Stereotypes are tough to challenge or break.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur, executive director, school superintendent, hospital administrator, businessperson, consultant or one of a thousand other job titles, the usual, and unfortunate, model of gravitas and accomplishment is the 60-year-old, gray-haired male.  Especially when it “hits the fan,” clients look for both the familiar, the trustworthy – […]

5 Crisis Management Resolutions for 2016

[By Nora Jacobs, Hennes Communications] Unless your organization was incredibly lucky this past year, either something bad happened to you, or you – or someone associated with you – did something bad to someone else.  Even though we work with clients in crisis virtually every day, we are constantly amazed by the never-ending variety of […]

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