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It’s Time to Curtail “Horse Race” Coverage of Elections: What You Can Do Introduction by Bruce Hennes, Hennes Communications Dear Valued Readers, In our continuous effort to enrich your understanding of the ever-evolving landscape of crisis communications, we bring to your attention a significant piece published by the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School and the Shorenstein […]

Are Social Media Apps ‘Dangerous Products’ ?

From Joan Donovan and Sarah Parker, writing for The Conversation… “You have blood on your hands.” “I’m sorry for everything you have all been through.” These quotes, the first from Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., speaking to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and the second from Zuckerberg to families of victims of online child abuse in the […]

Is the CEO Really Your Best Crisis Spokesperson?

From our friend and colleague in Australia, Tony Jaques… Who should speak in a crisis? That deceptively simple question can help determine whether an organisation’s reputation is enhanced or irreparably damaged when things go wrong. And behind that question are two common errors in crisis management. The first error is the idea that “speaking with one voice” […]

The Persistent Pandemic: Messaging in the Age of COVID-19

Is COVID-19 still a pandemic? Is it over? Should we call it something else? In his latest article, Dr. Peter Sandman delves into the ongoing narrative of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing a critical lens through which communicators can navigate the complex landscape of public perception and complacency. As we stand at the crossroads of public […]

Tribute to a Titan: Remembering Richard Levick, Visionary in Crisis Communications

By Bruce Hennes, Hennes Communications In 1989, I opened Hennes Communications, not realizing the profound impact a select few would have on my life and career. Among these guiding stars was Richard Levick – not just as mentor and friend, but a visionary in crisis communications. Richard was a force of nature in our field, […]

When Legal and Communications Collide: Making the Right Choice

By Richard Levick Speaking with journalists, shareholders, customers and stakeholders is easy when the going is good. As the old saying goes, “We are all capitalists on the way up but socialists on the way down.” But when things turn bad, communications suddenly become much more challenging. As another old saying goes, “The gods of […]

Does the Boss Need to Weigh In on the War in the Middle East?

From Emma Goldberg, writing for The New York Times… After reading the details of Hamas’s attacks on Israel on Oct. 7, Brad Karp, who runs the law firm Paul, Weiss, sat at his computer and wrote a memo to his roughly 2,000 employees. He didn’t ask the firm’s spokesman to draft it; he channeled his […]

A Resolution for Crisis Communicators: Banish Clichés

By Chris Gidez for PRNews Imagine a Jeopardy category titled, “Tired Corporate PR Phrases.” For example, “delivering solid results,” “leverage our strong position,” “people are our greatest asset,” and—perhaps the most infamous corporate cliché of all—”Safety is our top priority.” These phrases have become so over-used as to be worthless. But we continue to see them in […]

A General Counsel Provides Counsel on Crisis Communications

Maria Feeley, chief legal officer for Washington and Lee University, has seen her share of crises, at Washington & Lee as well as Rosemont College, the University of Hartford and Florida A&M, where she’s worked or served on boards. Think about whether you’d like to be faced with any of these: A social media firestorm attracts […]

The 10 Most Innovative Companies That Responded to Crisis in 2023

By Christopher Zara for Fast Company True innovation is hard enough to achieve on its own terms, but imagine trying to do it at 50 times the speed. The following 10 companies and nonprofits were recognized for creative and groundbreaking responses to emergency situations, often amid extremely high stakes and with human lives on the […]

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