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U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center Issues Report

By Bruce Hennes, Hennes Communications CAUTION:  This information is issued on a need to know basis.  We hope you agree that you indeed need to know. Situational awareness refers to the ability to perceive, comprehend, and anticipate critical situations in real-time, allowing individuals to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions. Situational awareness is crucial […]

PR Crisis Response is Much More Than Trusting Yourself, But It Begins There

By Seth Arenstein for PRNEWS Editor’s Note: One of the memorable lines in the new “Top Gun: Maverick” film is a variation on Nike’s “Just Do It.” In the film, pilots are reminded their training is excellent, rely on it, trust yourself. “Don’t think, just do,” Tom Cruise’s character tells pilots as a confidence boost. Similarly, Bridget […]

Exclusive: Academy of Motion Pictures CEO Says New ‘Crisis Team’ Will Handle Future Fiascos Like the ‘Slap’

By Eliana Dockterman for TIME Since taking over the position of CEO of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences last July, Bill Kramer has spent a lot of time putting out fires. In the past two years, the Oscars ratings sank to their lowest in the show’s history. The Academy has tasked Kramer […]

Workers Fault Their Company’s Internal Comms

By Steve Barnes for O’Dwyers   Most company leaders feel that they’re doing a good job when it comes to internal comms, according to communications management platform Axios HQ. Employees, however, aren’t quite so sure. Out of the more than 1,000 leaders that Axios polled last November, 77 percent said that essential communications at their organizations […]

When an Employee Threatens your Company’s Reputation

By David Ball for O’Dwyer’s As business culture changes as a result of both the pandemic and generational shifts, employees can easily act in ways that, while acceptable some years back, are wholly unacceptable today. When that happens, the C-suite must act quickly to prevent reputational damage. The Wall Street Journal recently wrote of the firing of […]

How to…Cope with the Press

By Charles Gary for Police Mag Less than a month into her job as director of public information, Capt. Nancy Demme of the Montgomery County (Md.) Police Department was looking forward to attending a media training program in neighboring Arlington. Demme never got to attend a single session. Instead, a deadly shooting spree began, and—ready […]

When ‘Correct’ Writing Looks Wrong, What’s a PR Writer to Do?

By Paul Stregevsky for PRNEWS While shopping, a sign jolted me. Its grammar was so jarring, I read it twice: “We require that all supplements are third-party tested to contain what they claim.” Shouldn’t it read “that all supplements be tested?” Fifty years ago, I’d have firmly answered, “Of course.” Today, “Maybe not.” Times ain’t what they used to was. As […]

Considerations Before Trying to Squash the Negative Story

By Erika Bradbury for PRNEWS It’s about to happen. You hear a story will run that says unfavorable things about your company. Or, perhaps it’s a story that might lead to negative financial ramifications for your client’s organization. Perhaps, you think, as a PR pro you are paid to use your relationship with the reporter […]

Who Had Meth in their Underwear? The Crucial Need for Clarity in Communications

by Howard Fencl, Hennes Communications Headlines tell your story. Well, good headlines do. Sometimes, because of the arcane vagaries of the English language, a headline can convey eye-opening meanings you never intended. There’s a classic example in which this innocent sentiment LET’S EAT, GRANDMA! becomes something quite different, and something quite sinister, when the comma […]

Mastering the Zoom Apology

By Bruce Hennes & Nora Jacobs, Hennes Communications A CEO, executive director, bar association president or other business executive has to apologize or speak about something very important. The stakes are high – and the apology is going to have to be done using Zoom or another virtual platform. Under any circumstance, delivering an effective […]

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