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When the CEO Must be the Spokesperson

[By Nora Jacobs, Hennes Communications] One of the questions we frequently debate with clients when they are about to make a public announcement is the question of attribution:  Who’s going to speak on behalf of the organization?  After explaining all the reasons why having members of our crisis team fill that role is a bad […]

“Taking Out the Trash” is Not a Crisis Management Option

[by Howard Fencl & Thom Fladung, Hennes Communications] Memorial Day – just last weekend – may already be a wistful memory for you. If you watched local TV news – and almost no one does on holiday weekends – you know it was dominated by stale, cliché, perennial coverage of barbeque tips, parades, gas prices […]

Want A Good Answer Amid A Crisis? Know The Question Before It’s Asked

By Thom Fladung/Hennes Communications The Q&A session is a staple of leadership, whether those questions come at you in employee meetings, community forums or in an interview with a journalist. It can be challenging in any setting. But doing a Q&A amid a crisis or serious issue your company or organization is facing ratchets up […]

President Trump, the Russian Connection & Crisis Communications

By Bruce Hennes, Hennes Communications Some believe  President Trump and his closest advisers committed illegal acts by conspiring with Russian officials on a wide variety of political and financial activities. Some believe President Trump and his closest advisers indeed had contacts with Russian officials, but that those contacts were benign or perhaps even stupid, but […]

If Your Company Is Going Through a Public Scandal, Should You Leave?

Thanks to our friend and colleague, Linda Bluso, Founder & CEO of the Adaptive Knowledge Institute®, for the lead to this article from the Harvard Business Review: Having your employer get caught in a public scandal is an agonizing professional experience. Even if your company comes out okay financially, it’s likely to have a tarnished reputation. How do […]

City Managers and Elected Officials Play a Key Role in Disaster Response

NOTE:  We are very much aware of the fact that many mayors, city managers and city safety directors are not prepared to handle disasters, more often than not depending on their police and fire chiefs to “handle things.”  As you’ll see in the article below, mayors, city managers and safety directors have distinct duties that […]

New ‘Morning Edition’ Theme Aspires to be ‘Inclusive and Inviting’

From Adam Ragusea, Journalist in Residence and Visiting Assistant Professor, Mercer University Center for Collaborative Journalism: The new Morning Edition music debuted Monday. As a composer-turned-pubradio-guy-turned-journalism-prof who still sometimes writes music for shows, here is my take on it, along with reactions I’ve gathered from other people and some perspective from the person who oversaw its production. […]

Sometimes It’s Best to Shut Up – Inside Lori Loughlin’s Crisis PR Strategy

From Rose Minutaglio writing in Elle: A slew of nameless sources claiming to be “close to” Lori Loughlin and “familiar with her case” have been feeding what seems like endless fodder to tabloids since news of the college admissions scandal broke in March. “It’s killing her that her squeaky-clean reputation has done a total 180. […]

Issues Management in the Dark: Game of Thrones Messes Up, Won’t Fess Up

[by Howard Fencl, Hennes Communications] Our blog posts typically deal with heavy-going crisis fare. I’m lightening up just this once because of an audacious filmmaker’s response to a Sunday evening tsunami of social media angst washing over the third episode in this, the final season of Game of Thrones. Did you see it? Probably not. […]

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