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7 Tips for Organizational Resilience All Year Round

From Mitch Mitchell, writing for Security Magazine…

History has taught security teams that crisis situations can happen at any time and more frequently than anyone can anticipate. However, when a crisis does occur, organizations find themselves in a situation where survival is the main focus — the unprecedented disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic being a perfect example.

Given that the only constant in today’s world is rapid change, business goals should revolve not around survival alone, but thriving during increasingly turbulent times. This is why business leaders must look beyond the immediacy of areas like business continuity and disaster response to building a resilient organization that can withstand both constant change and unexpected disruption.

Digital technologies, such as integrated business management systems, can help security teams achieve resilience at scale, but success requires the alignment between business culture and digital transformation. With an integrated approach to business management, that goal becomes much more attainable.

What is a resilient organization?

Disruption, whether caused by economic uncertainty, cybersecurity incidents or a top employee suddenly leaving the organization, is inevitable in any business. Resilience is not just a personality characteristic — companies too can develop a resilient corporate culture and operational environment. A resilient organization is one that is well-prepared for change, whether that change presents itself as a challenge or an opportunity. To that end, a resilient organization can:

  • Act in advance by planning new business models, diversifying supply chains and investing in distributed work capabilities to keep operations running smoothly.
  • Adapt to sudden and unexpected shifts in the market, such as growing talent gaps and changing user demands and expectations.
  • Keep the trust of stakeholders and users with robust incident response measures and efficient mitigation strategies in the face of a disaster.

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