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How Conspiracy Theories in the U.S. Became More Personal, More Cruel, and More Mainstream After the Sandy Hook Shootings

From Amanda J. Crawford, writing for NiemanLab… Conspiracy theories are powerful forces in the U.S. They have damaged public health amid a global pandemic, shaken faith in the democratic process and helped spark a violent assault on the U.S. Capitol in January 2021. These conspiracy theories are part of a dangerous misinformation crisis that has been building […]

Are Internet Trolls Winning? Only If We Let Them!

[by Thom Fladung, former managing editor, The Plain Dealer] A recent Columbia Journalism Review story argued that the media, while denouncing the online trolls who delight in spreading hate, also support trolls by providing forums and attention. As a 33-year newspaperman who very recently left the media, how would I plead? Is “I really, really […]

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