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Sometimes It’s Best to Shut Up – Inside Lori Loughlin’s Crisis PR Strategy

From Rose Minutaglio writing in Elle:

A slew of nameless sources claiming to be “close to” Lori Loughlin and “familiar with her case” have been feeding what seems like endless fodder to tabloids since news of the college admissions scandal broke in March.

“It’s killing her that her squeaky-clean reputation has done a total 180. She thinks she’s not going to serve jail time and [will] return to work,” someone close to Loughlin told Us Weekly on Wednesday.

And this, to Peoplefrom an undisclosed informant: “While waiting for this to come to some conclusion, she’s trying to keep a somewhat regular schedule—going to yoga and pilates and seeing friends for lunch.”

In Loughlin’s case, the public relations ploy seems to be backfiring. “It hasn’t created any sympathy for her… It’s actually reinforced everything people think about celebrities, that they have money and don’t have to play by the same rules as everyone else,” said Howard Bragman, who has worked with Barry Manilow and Monica Lewinsky. “Sometimes in situations like these, it’s best to shut up.”

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