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Disney Attacks Scarlett Johansson Instead of the Facts

From Tom Weidlich and Eric Rose writing for PR News…

Actor Scarlett Johansson’s lawsuit against the Walt Disney Company is turning out to be a blockbuster. Yet, the company’s response is eliciting mostly thumbs-down reviews and providing an example of bad litigation communication. To its credit, Disney responded promptly and publicly. On the down side, it may have failed to consider the narrative arc.

On July 30, Johansson sued Disney’s decision to release Black Widow not only in theaters but on the Disney+ streaming service. She is the film’s star and an executive producer.

Johansson says streaming the film simultaneously with its theatrical release has cost her millions. Also, she claims her contract stipulated a theatrical release only. Johansson was promised a portion of the box-office take, which is diminished since people can watch the film on Disney+, for $30 a pop. Some see Johansson’s suit as a bellwether in the rift between talent and management over streaming.

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