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Lessons From Aristotle: How to Write Persuasively and Build Your Personal Brand

From Jay Harrington writing for Attorney at Work…Here’s how to use Aristotle’s rhetorical appeals — ethos, pathos and logos — to be truly persuasive in your writing. In my work as a marketing consultant for law firms, few questions are posed more frequently than this: How can we write more persuasive, effective content for our […]

The Story Behind Caitlyn Jenner’s Masterful Press Strategy

From  The public transformation of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn has been, by all accounts, a smashing success. Her cover profile and photo spread in Vanity Fair were greeted with rave reviews. She became a Twitter superstar overnight. Even Jon Stewart was amazed at how well the media covered her debut (well,mostly). The rollout didn’t happen by […]

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