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5 Communication Lessons From The Harris-Pence Debate

From Edward Segal, writing in Forbes:

Presidential and vice presidential debates have been an important part of the American electoral process for decades. They provide voters with unfiltered opportunities to hear directly from the people who want to lead our country.

As a public speaker myself, and a former presentation skills trainer, last night I was less interested in what Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Michael Pence said at their debate and more interested in how they said it.

I was curious how the two politicians would use not just their brains but other parts of their bodies to help make the case that they are the ones to help lead the country out of our multiple crisis situations. How would Harris and Pence use their hands, voice, face, eyes —  their entire body —  to effectively communicate their messages?

holistic approach to communication — the whole enchilada, if you will — is important for leaders and those who aspire to be leaders. Knowing  how to take advantage of  every tool in the communication tool box can increase a leader’s success in persuading others to follow them or convince audiences to support their ideas, proposals, plans, or agendas.

This analysis is hampered by the fact that this was a televised debate, so the following observations are based on what was seen and heard on our screens. Even so, there was more than enough to see and hear to judge how well or poorly these two people in the public spotlight were communicating with us.

Here are five communication lessons business leaders should embrace and remember from last night’s exchange between the vice presidential candidates.

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