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Texas Storm Communications Show Stark Messaging Contrasts

By Nicole Schuman, writing for PRNews…

On top of a global pandemic and unprecedented economic downturn, Texans also had to deal with the fury of Mother Nature over the past week, when an unlikely winter storm wreaked havoc on one of the nation’s largest states.

In an area not exactly used to dealing with snow, ice and frigid temperatures, the utility infrastructure crumbled, leaving millions without power, heat and fresh water for days. Getting important information out to those who need it can be extremely difficult for audiences who primarily depend on electricity, internet and wifi to power their communications needs.

The Power of Communication

The strength of a communications strategy really shows its true colors when a crisis hits. And the key to a proper response lies in the preparation.

“When a crisis hits, it exposes many businesses’ issues,” said Jessica Nunez, founder and president of TruePoint Communications. “And often, communication falls by the wayside as companies are frantically addressing these issues.”

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