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How Crises Affect Law Firm Leaders — and Some Helpful Resources

By Gina Rubel, writing for Attorney at Work…

I’ve been thinking about what it means to lead a company through crises and how each crisis affects law firm leaders. A few years ago, I believed I had handled just about every type of crisis conceivable. How wrong I was.

In recent years, we have dealt with a global pandemic, a divided political nation and civil unrest. We all learned how to pivot and maneuver through a pandemic. We have strengthened our resolve. We have invested in our teams and talent. We have committed to real diversity, equity and inclusion outcomes. And we have invested endless energy in our firms and in support of our clients.

Adaptable, Resilient and Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Today, as I write this, we are past the first week of Russia’s assault on Ukraine, a sovereign nation. I am disgusted and awed by the news coming out of Ukraine, Russia, Poland, the United Nations, NATO and the U.S. Many headlines are gut-wrenching, and others are filled with hope.

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