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Don’t Let Anyone Hijack Your Message

By Dustin Siggins for PRNews

“Get the [heck] out of my face when I’m working….”

That’s what CBS Miami sports reporter Samantha Rivera told the world after she now-famously stiff-armed a sports fan who tried to shove his way into her video report about the Stanley Cup. Over 12 million people have watched her keep stride as she stayed on message, went with the flow, and did her job.

The clip is only a few seconds long, but it showcases several important principles that PR pros should pass onto client and employer spokespeople to avoid having a narrative hijacked.

Know Your Message

Rivera was reporting on the NHL’s Florida Panthers’ game 2 loss to the Vegas Golden Knights. She was in the middle of describing the outcome as “less than ideal” for the Panthers when a rowdy fan tried to push his way in front of the camera. After shoving him back for two seconds, she went straight into the evening’s highlights.

Knowing her message—the outcome of the game and the highlights—allowed Rivera to keep delivering it despite someone physically accosting her. She briefly looked at notes, but that’s part of knowing your message—having resources ready in case you get thrown off track.

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Image by Maylin Sojo from Pixabay

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