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Why Leaders Need Communication Training and How to Do It

By Abigail Greenheck for PRNews

Leaders must communicate effectively in all situations—whether with teams, other leaders, key stakeholders or media. However, not all leaders receive proper training and communicating might not come naturally.

Part of the communicator’s job is helping leaders develop skills so they can convey authenticity, confidence and clarity. Communication training empowers leaders as they share stories and information clearly and effectively. Raising trust in leaders with employees and other stakeholders is one the goals here.

Perhaps you’re thinking, Wait. We schedule prep sessions with our leaders before all-hands meetings and significant media interviews. We’re covered.

However, those sessions may not build skillsets. Consider this–you can cram the night before an exam and pass, but it’s unlikely what you learned will stick long-term. The same is true with leadership communication.

Below are key areas communicators can consider when developing training opportunities for an organization’s leaders:

Media skills

Communicating with media is daunting at times.  As noted above, proper training—beyond prep sessions for a Town Hall or a media opportunity—can help leaders make the most of an interview.

Hosting mock interviews with leaders provides a tangible training opportunity—but in a safe space with a trusted guide.

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Hennes Communications regularly provides media training to CEOs, executive directors, elected officials, attorneys, front-line and customer/client-facing personnel.  We’ve also trained scientists, ship captains and astronauts.  We can train you, too, whether in your office, via Zoom or on-site anywhere in the world.  For more information, please call +1-216-321-7774 or contact us at

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