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Speaking in Times of Crisis

From Amy Boone, writing for Ethos3…

At times, we are called to give presentations about new products or policies. Other times, we might be asked to inspire or challenge our audience members. But other times, we are called to speak into times of crisis. Maybe a business is losing revenue and the forecasted future is not bright. It could be that an esteemed leader has left or passed away. Or it could be something like the situations we’ve experienced in the past year. National or global challenges have whittled away at our sense of hope and resolve. What do you say in times like those?

The university that I teach for has asked faculty and staff to use a 3-part strategy in these uncertain times to help students. It’s a strategy that I believe provides the perfect plan for speaking during a time of crisis. The steps are: absorb chaos, transform it into calm, and give back hope.

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