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PRovokeAP: Communicators Need An Arsenal Of Tools To Combat Disinformation

By Asiya Bakht for PRovoke Media

As disinformation becomes rampant, communicators and brands need an arsenal of tools to combat it effectively. These could range from social listening tools to media intelligence tools that aid in identifying emerging threats and, at times, even mitigating them, helping you to stay prepared.

This was view of the panellists participating in a session titled ‘The War Against Weaponised Information’ sponsored by BCW at PRovoke Media’s Asia-Pacific Summit earlier this week. Moderated by PRovoke’s Arun Sudhaman, the session featured BCW Asia-Pacific chief digital officer Joe Peng, QI Group chief communications officer Ramya Chandrasekaran, and Jeffrey Lim, director at Joyce A. Tan & Partners.

To address disinformation, BCW has implemented a model that utilises cognitive AI, a technology that mimics human thinking processes.

Peng emphasized the value of this approach, stating: “Given the limitations of manpower and time for PR and communication professionals like us, it’s a valuable tool to assist us in efficiently processing vast amounts of data. This is one of our experimental initiatives aimed at harnessing AI’s power to enhance our marketing efforts, particularly in our region. It also plays a crucial role in safeguarding our brands against potential data breaches and other risk mitigation measures.”

He compares the process of combating disinformation to working with clients on crisis management where it is important to develop a solid platform for communication and making it a reliable source for our audience.

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Image by WOKANDAPIX from Pixabay

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