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Importance of PR for Hedge Funds

From Ronn Torosian, writing in CommPro:

One of the biggest marketing tools that hedge funds tend to avoid is public relations, which is unfortunate because making a hedge fund available to the press and training the spokesperson for the hedge fund properly can lead to a lot of success for the business. 

There are plenty of ways that a hedge fund can start doing some of the basics of public relations for the business, without working with a public relations agency or firm from the very beginning, and some of these things are fairly simple for a hedge fund to do. 

The public, along with the media, is constantly looking for real-time opinions from marketers, traders, and hedge fund managers because they need information on the current market trends, conditions, as well as any future predictions. However, most of the hedge fund managers tend to shy away from any sort of press contributions in fear of making things worse for the business. 

Fortunately, there is an easy way to solve this issue, and all it takes is for the hedge fund manager or the spokesperson for the business to speak to a legal counsel to make sure exactly what information can be provided to the press and the public. 

After covering all of the information, the hedge fund can develop a list of a dozen publications that the manager wants to appear in and identify the editors or news sources of those publications. The next step is finding the contact information of those people and introducing the manager as a potential resource for the industry.

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