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How To Get A Google Review Removed


Violations that Allow Law Firms to Remove Reviews
While the process of removing a Google review is not necessarily complex, Google’s guidelines determine if you have a review that is eligible for removal. However, there are common violations that may allow law firms to remove reviews from their Google Business Profile. Consider the following:

Spam Reviews
The most common review violation reported by law firms is spam content. Google attempts to weed out and remove spam reviews automatically, but there are instances where spam slips past the filters. It is also possible that a legitimate review should be detected as spam and accidentally removed. Signs of spam reviews include overly generic information, non-human profile photos (i.e., avatars), and strange usernames.

Reviews With Inappropriate Content or Images
Google provides guidelines on the types of content users can include in a review. The types of content not permitted include hate speech, explicit content, profanity, and other types of offensive content. Depending on Google’s filters, inappropriate reviews may be removed automatically, or you may need to submit a removal request. The same goes for inappropriate images that do not meet Google’s policy.  For more, click here.

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