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Communicating During Extreme Crises

From time to time, we present a seminar on “Extreme Crisis Communications” for government officials, firefighters, law enforcement, health officials and other first responders.

This two-hour seminar offers public officials, peace officers and safety personnel practical instruction about how to communicate with the public during an intense public-safety crisis (e.g. extreme situations involving threats to life and limb), providing the tools they need to navigate the harsh realities of speaking to the public, media, partners and stakeholders during an emergency

During extreme situations, leaders must anticipate the mental stresses the public will experience and apply appropriate communication strategies to manage communications. Participants will gain the following understanding from this seminar: the psychology of communicating in a crisis; their role as a spokesperson; working with the media during a crisis; handling press conferences and town hall meetings.

This seminar has been approved in the past for Continuing Professional Training (CPT) hours by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission, Office of the Ohio Attorney General.

Learning Objectives:
As a result of attending this class, participants will:

  • Know how to establish and maintain “control of the message”
  • Understand what reporters expect and what is expected of them
  • Know how to create key messages
  • Understand the benefits of advance preparation for crisis situations and how to create effective communication action plans for all team members in the organization
  • Gain an understanding about how to handle “extreme crisis communications” (i.e. mass casualty and other serious threats to life and limb) and why communicating during these situations is different than in other crisis situations
  • Gain knowledge and confidence in effectively communicating to protect the image, brand and perception of the department in the community

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