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Communications Lessons from the Barbieverse

By Kayla Hannemann for PRNews

Chances are you’ve seen one of the countless activations promoting Greta Gerwig’s movie, “Barbie.” From Burger King Brazil’s Barbie Burger to a bright pink billboard in the United Kingdom to a Progressive Insurance commercial set in the Barbieverse, this integrated campaign has touched billions of consumers around the globe.

So, what can communicators learn from this awe-inspiring work, and how can it help your brand?

Build meaningful brand partnerships

Barbie is a jet-setting, rollerblading icon. As such, it makes sense that Barbie has partnered with brands like Béis to develop a luggage collection and Impala to create one-of-a-kind inline skates.

If you are going to partner with another brand, ensure that it aligns with your company’s mission, values and image. Depending on your goals, you may want to find a partner with a similar customer base or one with a slightly different customer base.

Know your target audience

While it may seem like the media frenzy surrounding the “Barbie” movie targets anyone and everyone, there are specific advertisements, partnerships and placements that intentionally target specific consumers. From Hot Wheels’ Barbie Corvette to Homesick’s Dreamhouse candle to Ruggable’s Barbie rug and Xbox’s Barbie-inspired console, there are products for consumers of varying ages, genders and incomes.

This strategy identifies touchpoints to engage different individuals based on varying interests. If you understand the way that your audience thinks, feels and behaves, you too can accomplish this. Find out what your customers relate to, why they buy your product or service, what makes them tick, and then capitalize on it.

As a rule of thumb, you can never know too much about your audience; the more research conducted, the better.

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Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

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