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Breaking Down the 4 Communication Styles in the Workplace

By Kelly Lyons for Newsweek

Everyone communicates differently—even in the workplace. According to Princeton University, there are four main communication styles: passive, passive-aggressive, aggressive and assertive.

An assertive style generally leads to the most effective communication. But not everyone reacts the same in every interaction, so it’s best to learn how to work with team members of all different communication styles.

Understanding and communicating effectively with your team can help you better work with your direct reports or teammates to achieve your goals.

Below, we’ll cover why communication is key in the workplace, how to identify others’ workplace communication styles and how to sharpen your own skills.

Why Is Workplace Communication Important?

BetterUp, a workplace coaching platform, states that workplace communication is crucial because it “boosts employee morale, engagement, productivity and satisfaction.”

In a world where many employees decide to quiet quit their jobs, it’s all the more important to motivate your team and ensure they feel respected and satisfied with their work.

Motivating your direct reports or teammates will allow you to get more done with fewer miscommunications, which can drive better results and more success overall.

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