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Sterling Miller is an attorney with Hilgers Graben, a law firm in Dallas, Texas.  And he’s one sharp guy.  His blog, Ten Things You Need to Know As In-House Counsel, is always interesting, even to outside counsel – and to the non-attorneys on our staff, too.  We subscribe to his newsletter to make certain we don’t miss his takes on such things as How to Fire Someone, How to Be Indispensible, Cool Tech, Preparing Board Minutes and other subjects, always with a “Ten Things” framework, that help specialists become better generalists.

Miller’s current blog post, Ten Things: Best Blogs for In-House Lawyers (2020 Edition), includes some very interesting and cool legal blogs we’ve not come across before – and again, most should be of interest to non-attorneys.  We’re especially interested in seeing future issues of TechnoLawyer, written about the crossroads of technology and the practice of law, covering issues related to cybersecurity, document management, email, practice management, laptops, iPhone, iPad and working from home.  You don’t need a J.D. after your name to appreciate and use information like this in your own business or practice.

You can check out Sterling Miller’s latest blog post here.  While there, you will also see reference to a few of the books he’s written.  While both are available through the American Bar Association, they can also be purchased on Amazon or ordered through your local bookstore.

By | January 2, 2021 | Best Business Practices

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