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“Hennes Communications provided an insightful introduction to the art of media relations for a few of the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine faculty physician scientists and support staff. I found their verbal and visual performance tips of great value, as were the practice of developing key messages and implementing them during on-camera interviews. Bruce has a real talent for understanding how the media works and how they’re going to interpret your actions/non-action. I recommend anyone that’s in the public eye go through this training.”

Pamela B. Davis, MD, PhD Dean Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

“I’ve attended many media-related training seminars in my 21 years as Chief. This is by far the best.”

John Maddox Police Chief / President Police, Middleburg Heights, Ohio / Cuyahoga County Police Chiefs' Association

“Thanks to Bruce Hennes for coming to Coshocton County, Ohio to do his “Extreme Crisis Communications” presentation. I was glad that our health department was able to support this effort and that so many of our employees – and other government officials – attended. Because of the training, I was able to serve as spokesman for our agency during the recent H1N1 Swine Flu situation and conduct the press conference in a professional manner. We used his forms and techniques to prepare for all of our encounters with the media, predicting all of their questions in advance and serving the public with transparency. You can read about the results of our media relations in a laudatory editorial that ran in a local newspaper here. Government and health officials across the board should receive the crisis and risk communications training he offers.”

D. J. McFaden, M.D., M.P.H. Health Commissioner Holmes County (Ohio)

“As a mayor, I strongly recommend (the Hennes Communications crisis seminar) to my fellow mayors. This seminar will teach you how to interact with the media and your community during a crisis situation.”

Susan Drucker Mayor City of Solon, Ohio

“(Hennes Communication’s) media training is a must for corporate, civic and government leaders who are or may be in the media spotlight at any point in their careers. (Their) training prepared me for media interactions in every conceivable format, including daily print, magazines, radio, television and webcasting. Until I worked with (Hennes Communications), I had no understanding of the complexity and variability in each format and how to shape my message appropriately to maximize my impact. His ongoing coaching enables me to continue to improve my style, delivery and, bottom line, my impact. He also provided me with a series of easy-to-remember, highly effective tips to use on an ongoing basis; they have been invaluable in saving me from me. Most importantly, (they are) always available in a pinch.”

David J. Akers Executive Director Northeast Ohio Sourcing Office
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