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“Every lawyer who acts as litigation counsel or corporate counsel to a business or institution should be familiar with the principles and practical considerations conveyed in Bruce’s program because coverage and public reaction can be such powerful factors when a client is involved in litigation or faces some type of business crisis.”

Deborah Coleman Partner Hahn Loeser + Parks LLP

“One hour with Bruce is worth it. He’s a real expert with real applicable knowledge… and he’s interesting!”

David J. Janus Cleveland Regional President First Merit Bank

“I would, without reservation, recommend Hennes Communications to any organization facing communications difficulties. Through practical instruction and personal coaching, Hennes Communications not only helps businesses successfully manage an immediate crisis, but also teaches valuable skills and strategies that can be used time and again in the future.”

Courtney Baker Communications Manager Lawrence School

“Barb did a great job. She was responsive and persuasive in moving us to take her advice, while taking our input. We are very pleased.”

Robert C. Smith President & CEO Spero-Smith Investment Advisers, Inc.

“You cannot be too prepared for an interview situation, when there are no chances for a re-do. Don’t risk your reputation to improvisation.”

Craig Hupp General Manager The Lubrizol Corporation
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