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In today’s news environment, it’s not just the broadcast journalists who face urgent deadlines. Daily newspapers compete with TV news to get the story on their websites first, and weekly business papers compete to get breaking news into email updates to readers. Newspapers no longer wait to publish until they get the full story – or even get comments from everyone involved. Their goal is to get the story posted on the web immediately, filling in the details – and maybe the corrections – later.

This means that, in a crisis, your organization no longer has even an hour to respond to media inquiries. You have to respond immediately or risk being left out of the story.

Will you be ready to tell your side of the story? A thorough crisis communication plan is the best way to ensure your organization will respond quickly and effectively, preserving its good name when a crisis hits. We’ll teach you how to prepare a crisis plan and how to make sure your organization is ready to communicate – not just to the media, but to other audiences that are so critical to your survival in a crisis (employees, customers, vendors, neighbors, etc.).

During this seminar, participants will learn about:

  • The essential elements of a crisis communication plan
  • Who should be part of the crisis communication team
  • How to identify potential vulnerabilities and risks within the organization

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“Hennes Communications provided an insightful introduction to the art of media relations for a few of the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine faculty physician scientists and support staff. I found their verbal and visual performance tips of great value, as were the practice of developing key messages and implementing them during on-camera interviews. Bruce has a real talent for understanding how the media works and how they’re going to interpret your actions/non-action. I recommend anyone that’s in the public eye go through this training.”
Pamela B. Davis, MD, PhD Dean Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine Read more testimonials

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