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Crisis Management for Executives & Their Clients

A 30-90 minute talk providing an overview of the media. Appropriate for attorneys, law firms, individual businesses, trade associations, corporate retreats, etc., because it’s somewhat entertaining while offering significant and actionable takeaways for participants.

Media Training

This seminar can be as brief as two hours, or run as long as eight hours.  Media training puts executives and other potential spokespersons through videotaped mock interviews using scenarios specific to your industry or business. Versions of this seminar have been certified numerous times for Continuing Legal Education credits by the Ohio Supreme Court’s Commission on CLE and the Ohio Attorney General’s Office for continuing education credits for police officers.

Extreme Crisis Communications

Generally a four-hour seminar, this seminar includes all of the content of “Crisis Management for Executives” (above) plus an in-depth examination of what to say and how to say it during times of mass casualty and other high-risk threats to life and limb. This seminar is primarily designed for mayors, police, fire, health, education and other first responders, but is appropriate for all organizations that face the potential for serious accidents that could involve mass casualties. This seminar has been certified numerous times by the Ohio Attorney General for continuing education credits for police officers.

Managing the Message: Presentation Training

This is a fully-customizable seminar that can be done as one-on-one executive coaching situations or as group presentations. These customized training sessions include such topics as using PowerPoint more effectively, assertiveness training, handling tough communications challenges and making meetings work. All of these seminars are designed to help you, your executives and team communicate with power and poise.

Social Media & Professionalism for Teaching Professionals & Administrators

A 2.5 hour seminar offering practical instruction about the use and misuse of social media (e.g. Facebook, emails, texting, blogging & Twitter). Other topics in this program include off-campus and after-hour behavior by school personnel, FERPA, Licensure Code of Professional Conduct for Ohio

“I spent half of my day Thursday listening to a consultant tell public officials how to manage their messages to the media. Lest you think I was insulted, I found myself agreeing with everything Bruce Hennes said. Hennes is a crisis communications specialist based in Cleveland. The Coshocton and Holmes County Health Departments brought him to Coshocton to speak with area politicians, public health officials and business leaders. I hope they heed his words. And I’m sorry that some area leaders didn’t get to hear it. They – and the citizens and customers they serve – would benefit greatly from it as well.”
Len LaCara Managing Editor Coshocton Tribune Read more testimonials

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