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Why “Winging It” is Not an Option for Your News Interview

By Howard Fencl, Hennes Communications

Very few people are naturally gifted at doing an interview. Our knee-jerk reaction is to just answer a reporter’s questions – or to clam up and hide behind “no comment” because that’s what we’ve seen on TV time and time again.

If all you do is answer questions, you have no control over your interview. If you say “no comment,” or nothing at all, it looks like you’re hiding something. It looks like you’re GUILTY of something.

What’s important to remember is that an interview is NOT a conversation. You’re not there just to answer the reporter’s questions. You’re there to deliver your company’s key messages. You’re there to truthfully tell your company’s side of the story. You’re there to protect your company’s reputation and the relationship you have with your staff, your customers, your community leaders – whoever is important to the success of your business.

With so much hanging in the balance, are you willing to risk your reputation by “winging it” in an interview?

At Hennes Communications, we’ve media trained everyone from the front desk to the factory floor to the corner CEO office. We’re not like other agencies – we have years of serious, on-the-ground experience running deadline-driven newsrooms in major media markets.

If you train with us, you’ll be ready for anything. Even the toughest investigative reporter who does their best to pick you apart. Call us at Hennes Communications – 216-321-7774 – to find out how to get started and let’s get media training on your calendar today.


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