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October 15, 2018

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A Well-Crafted Crisis Response Plan Could Save Your Business

By Bruce Hennes, CEO, Hennes Communications  Written, tested and ready-to-go business continuity plans should just be part of doing business in today’s world. Here are some common mistakes we’ve seen in this effort.

Google+ Earns Minus For Mishandling Bad News

By Thom Fladung, Managing Partner, Hennes Communications    Here are three immutable laws of bad news about you or your organization: The bad news won’t go away; People will find out about the bad news; If they find out you covered up the bad news, you now have worse news. Here's how Google mishandled things.

In the Headlines

Screaming fire extinguisher

Body Language: Telling Your Team How You Really Feel

Do you know that your team is constantly evaluating your emotions through cues in your body language – and that they can do so in a fraction of a second?  At the Center for Cognitive Neuroimaging at the University of Glasgow, researchers found that it takes only 200 miliseconds to read someone’s emotional state from their facial expression. So “putting on a happy face” isn’t only a pleasant thing to do, it sends a powerful signal to those who work with you.
Harvey Weinstein

Lawyers, PR Firms Team Up For Employers Facing #MeToo Crises

Some employers are realizing they need communications help as well as legal help for harassment allegations.
Home Office Video Webcam Setup

How to Pull Off a Professional Video Call From Home

Like parsley in your teeth or a hole in your pants, a bad video-call setup is something you’ll hear about only from people who care about you. But even if you have the best webcam, there’s a good chance that your lighting, your backdrop, your connection, or even your unconscious habits are making your Web meetings less polished than they could be.

Not Everything is a Crisis

Most crises are unexpected, happening fast, like a traffic accident, explosion, fire, chemical leak, social media attack or a criminal arrest.

While a crisis usually appears to be sudden, sometimes you should have seen it coming.  For example, an embezzlement, product failure or leadership change. 

More often than not, what you're probably facing is an issue, a situation that can and should have been easily foreseen. For instance, three months from now you know you're going to close a plant, terminate a program, get a new board chair, acquire a company or announce a rate hike.

Whether it's a crisis or an issue, the skill set needed to manage both are the same. And the only difference is the amount of time you have to tell it all, tell it first and tell it fast.

You need a plan that answers these questions:  What do you say, when do you say it, how do you say it and who do you say it to?  For instance, next year you know you're going to lay off 50 employees. Your remaining employees, as well as your suppliers, customers and local elected officials better not hear about it in the media or on Facebook -- before hearing it from you.

While we sell "crisis" (hence our website name, ), the professionals at Hennes Communications understand the difference between crises and issues.  

And now, we hope you do, too.

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