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Crisis Management Today

December 1, 2023
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Our Perspective

Lawyers & Outrage Management
Lawyers, Demigods, Outrage Management & Crisis Communications
We often tell clients that they have an attorney for the Court of Law. But they have us for the Court of Public Opinion. And those two courts often require different – and at times conflicting – strategies. Attorneys have persuasive arguments for tailoring a strategy completely around the court of law. Staying out of jail or avoiding paying multimillion-dollar lawsuit damages are, after all, powerful motivators.  But saving your reputation also should be a powerful motivator – especially since reputation is a crucial asset.
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Attorneys' Guide to Crisis Communications & The Court of Public Opinion
Need a year-end CLE?  With the ubiquity of the internet, the legal battlefield must include the Court of Public Opinion, a courtroom where the standards are unwritten and ever-changing. General counsels of prominent corporations unanimously affirm that contemporary legal disputes unfold not only within the confines of the judicial system, but also on the vast canvas of public discourse. The reality is this: the Court of Public Opinion wields unprecedented influence, dictating not just goodwill and market standing, but also legal leverage and settlement negotiations.

In the News

PRovokeAP: Communicators Need An Arsenal Of Tools To Combat Disinformation
As disinformation becomes rampant, communicators and brands need an arsenal of tools to combat it effectively. These could range from social listening tools to media intelligence tools that aid in identifying emerging threats and, at times, even mitigating them, helping you to stay prepared.
Creating an Effective Press Kit: Key Components
Competing for journalists’ attention isn’t easy. Reporters are bombarded by numerous press releases and news tips every day. Naturally, not every story ends up being published, and not every expert gets a chance to see their name in a magazine. There are, of course, various tactics to help win the race for the attention of the mass media. A well-executed and thoughtfully created press kit is a foundational factor for breaking through the noise and being noticed by editors and journalists.
Listening skills
Did You Hear What I Said? How to Listen Better
Psychological research shows that feeling heard by another person is essential in a happy relationship, whether that’s communication between romantic partners, a patient and a doctor, or colleagues in the office. And feeling heard at work could make the difference between employees who enjoy their jobs versus ones who don’t, something important for managers to remember at a time when many are struggling to retain workers.
This Is Exactly How Long People Expect You to Take to Respond to an Email — and Why It Matters
Columnist Justin Bariso recently asked that question to thousands of connections on LinkedIn. And the results were fascinating. Over 600 persons from various positions, companies and industries responded. Dozens commented, sharing thoughts and insight into both how and why they answered the way they did.
Cybersecurity crisis
How Communicators Can Navigate Through Cybersecurity Crises
Communication leaders should have a crisis communication plan in place that they’ve either drafted, modified or otherwise adjusted to the current risk landscape. That’s pretty 101. But in the modern world, that crisis plan needs to account for crises that can arise from all directions, especially from cybersecurity concerns. According to a study released earlier this year by NordVPN, general awareness of cyberattacks is on the decline and only 3% of Americans are knowledgeable about digital privacy protection, and that’s something that comms pros need to contend with.
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Our Upcoming Seminars

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3/18/24       Case Western Reserve Univ Law School
3/28/24       CDC Leadership Academy
6/4/24         International Town & Gown Association
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