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Crisis Management Today

May 19, 2024
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Our Perspective

Scripps College of Communication and Hennes Communications
Hennes Communications and Ohio University Partnership Allows Seminar Participants to Earn Graduate Certificate Credit
If you attended one of our seminars in the last few years, we can help arrange for you to receive one free credit hour (worth $525) towards a graduate certificate in crisis communications (online) from the prestigious Scripps College of Communications at Ohio University. “Effective crisis communication is undoubtedly the most important element in managing a crisis. By establishing a strong academic foundation and acquiring real-life skills, professionals can better prepare and execute effective crisis communication strategies,” said John Born, former director of Ohio’s Department of Public Safety, and current visiting assistant professor and executive-in-residence in the Scripps College of Communications and the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service.  

In the News

Leaked Memo
Protecting Reputation: Steps to Take in the Face of Leaked Internal Memos
A leaked memo revealed Amazon's 2024 community outreach plans in Southern California, including strengthening relationships with specific elected officials. Despite the sensitive nature of the content, Amazon responded transparently, emphasizing their philanthropic efforts and commitment to supporting communities. The incident highlights the importance of proactive crisis communication strategies and transparent responses to maintain trust and manage reputational risks in the face of public scrutiny. 
Sanitizing Bad News
Annie Searle discusses risk management failures in firms like Wells Fargo, Boeing, Theranos and JPMorgan Chase, highlighting how CEOs often lack critical risk information, leading to sanitized reports and poor decision-making. She suggests that corporate policies post-Enron need re-evaluation, proposing that boards should have frameworks for deciding CEO termination under certain conditions. 
Being Prepared
Realistic Preparedness
Building an emergency kit, having a plan, and getting flood insurance are crucial but can seem daunting due to time and financial constraints. Simple steps like keeping flashlights, having savings and a charged phone are vital. Practical tips include setting up group texts, taking digital photos of important documents, and maintaining a charged phone. Even on a budget, dollar store items can create an effective emergency kit, ensuring peace of mind.
Disaster !
The Evolution of Crisis Communications in Banking
Banks  - and all business organizations, for that matter - are more vulnerable to crises than ever due to 24/7 news cycles, volatile social media and unprecedented disruptions. Effective crisis communications are crucial in order to maintain trust, comply with regulations and manage reputation. Businesses must prepare and practice for crises, assemble a competent crisis team and regularly conduct crisis simulations. In a crisis, quick, accurate, and unified communication is essential. 
Artificial Intelligence-Generated News Anchor
This Is What AI Thinks People Look Like Based on Their Job
Angelika Martinez asked an AI image generator what an average person looks like based on a variety of careers, from astronauts and doctors to influencers and baristas. Unsurprisingly, AI has a very polished vision of what an average professional looks like. We all know by now that AI plays on stereotypes, reminding us us to take the AI visuals we see with a grain of salt. Here are 36 images. See how well you think the technology managed to capture the spirit of each job.
Hennes - Chambers

Our Upcoming Seminars

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9/27/24 Center for Public and Nonprofit Management, Cleveland State University
10/21-23/24 Managing Partner Bootcamp
10/28/24 Massillon Chamber of Commerce
11/20/24 N.E. Ohio Association of Financial Professionals
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3/21/25 Consortium of State School Boards Annual Conference
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