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Crisis Management Today

May 01, 2024
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Our Perspective

Defending Against Conspiracies Through Storytelling
Introduction By Bruce Hennes, Hennes Communications
Misinformation in 2024 is an escalating threat, pervading all sides of social divides with easily accessible but often deceptive content. This situation capitalizes on cognitive biases such as confirmation bias, where people seek and retain information that aligns with their beliefs, disregarding contradictory evidence. The prevalence of misinformation not only sustains false narratives but also resists correction, potentially threatening societal structures by undermining factual integrity. 
Lawyers & Crisis Communications
Lawyers Should Not Rewrite Crisis Communications
Introduction by Bruce Hennes, Hennes Communications
Many lawyers, trained to minimize harm and avoid admissions of guilt, often push for communications that may protect legal standing but can be detrimental to public perception. Michael Skapinker of the Financial Times argues that lawyers should not dictate crisis communications. The protective stance might win a legal battle but lose the crucial war of public trust. We believe that the best outcomes arise when these leaders seek and synthesize advice from both legal and crisis communications experts. 

In the News

How to Become a Supercommunicator
A "Supercommunicator" is someone who excels in conveying information effectively across various platforms and audiences, blending clarity, empathy, and strategic thinking. They adeptly tailor their messages to diverse groups, ensuring understanding and engagement. Supercommunicators leverage modern tools and techniques to enhance their reach and impact, fostering open, productive dialogues. They are crucial in navigating complex, fast-paced environments by breaking down communication barriers and driving meaningful exchanges in both digital and face-to-face settings.
Thought Leadership
True Thought Leaders Don't Just Make Noise: They Drive Change 
This article critiques self-promoting "thought leaders" who often lack genuine insight, highlighting the difference between mere visibility and substantive thought leadership. It praises true influencers like Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Howard Chase, who have made significant contributions through original ideas and by influencing strategic public issues. The piece emphasizes that real thought leadership involves bravery, originality and a profound impact on society, not just self-promotion.
Mike Janko
Excellence in Operational Resilience - How to Lead, Follow and Guide the Way
All organizations seek to be resilient, yet most do not have a clear definition of what that means for them or a plan to manage the journey to attain it. The resilience playbook includes the right combination of technical knowledge, team structure, leadership support, and behavioral competencies, all based on a clear “Lead, Follow, Guide” framework. Based on the author’s three decades of successfully implementing resilience-based strategies at Goodyear and other major companies, this book offers road-tested advice and techniques to bring quick wins and long-term success in organizational resilience.
Group discussing political polarization
Preparing Your Team for a Year of Intense Political Polarization
To be sure, the year ahead is going to bring even greater levels of social and political conflict than 2023. Shaping an environment that allows people to productively exchange opposing views and maintain mutual respect in the face of deeply personal differences is no small task. Keeping your team unified when external forces are trying to polarize you is possible, but it takes advance preparation and managerial courage.
The Cloud Under the Sea
The internet is carried around the world by hundreds of thousands of miles of slender cables that sit at the bottom of the ocean. These fragile wires are constantly breaking — a precarious system on which everything from banks to governments to TikTok depends.This article highlights the catastrophic impact of a hypothetical scenario where all these cables break simultaneously, halting financial systems and causing widespread disruption.This is the story of the people who repair the world’s most important infrastructure.
Cereal for Dinner? Uhhhh...We Don't Think So
A fascinating case study on crisis communications is currently unfolding in the cereal aisle. It involves Kellogg’s, the global brand that brings Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies and other cereal staples to supermarkets around the world. The crisis stems from a Kellogg’s marketing campaign, launched nearly two years ago, that suggested families could add some variety to their dinner menu by enjoying cereal from time to time. And if the heat does not die down, it looks like the crisis could escalate to a boycott of the brand.
Hennes - Chambers

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