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Crisis Management Today

March 8, 2024
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Our Perspective

Taylor Swift's Guitar
Swift's Billion-Dollar Beat: Eras Tour Shakes Up Global Economy
Introduction By Bruce Hennes, Hennes Communications
Taylor Swift's Eras Tour is a billion-dollar phenomenon, boosting the global economy and setting records. Swift's strategic narrative control, direct fan engagement and authentic branding offer lessons in PR success. Her career's evolution underscores the power of reinvention and personalized communication.
Social Media Audit
First Amendment Freak Out: How Public Employees Can Survive a First Amendment Audit
By Howard Fencl, Hennes Communications
A woman armed with an attitude and a smartphone is aggressively patrolling the halls of a county administration building taking video every step of the way. She refuses to identify herself to the county workers she confronts in public spaces in the building, yet she disrupts their workday barking incessant questions and insults at them, such as “What is your job here? What’s your title? Hey, stupid, how much are you paid? What are you working on there? What’s behind that door? What do you mean, you don’t know? You must be a moron!” They call themselves “First Amendment auditors.” 

In the News

With Elections Looming Worldwide, Here’s How to Identify and Investigate AI Audio Deepfakes
Experts agree that the historic election year of 2024 is set to be the year of AI-driven deepfakes, with potentially disastrous consequences for at-risk democracies. Recent research suggests that, in general, about half of the public can’t tell the difference between real and AI-generated imagery, and that voters cannot reliably detect speech deepfakes — and technology has only improved since then. Deepfakes range from subtle image changes using synthetic media and voice cloning of digital recordings to hired digital avatars and sophisticated “face-swaps” that use customized tools. (The overwhelming majority of deepfake traffic on the internet is driven by misogyny and personal vindictiveness: to humiliate individual women with fake sexualized imagery — but this tactic is also increasingly being used to attack women journalists.)
How to Find the Best Cities to Watch the Solar Eclipse
On April 8, a total solar eclipse will occur across North America, the first to be visible on the continent since the frenzy of the Great American Eclipse of 2017. This year’s event may be an even bigger tourism rush, as there won’t be another total eclipse going across such a large swath of North America until 2045. Here’s how to find the best spot to catch this rare event.
town hall
Optimize Leadership Q&A In Town Halls To Engage And Build Employee Trust
Among the various elements that make up a successful town hall, Q&A time with your leaders is crucial but often under-considered. These forums provide employees with direct access to executives and, when done right, build trust by connecting your leadership’s personality and answers back to the organization’s culture and goals. Q&As are a time to get out in front of concerns, revealing qualitative insights on prevailing employee sentiment while humanizing business decisions through your leaders’ experiences. 
corporate crisis
Listening to Stakeholders Doesn’t Just Build Trust – It Protects Reputation
How much damage can a corporate crisis do? Quite a lot, it turns out. In 2018, The Economist looked at eight of the most notable crises from this century and found that the companies involved were worth, on average, 30% less today than they would have been had the crisis in question never occurred. Indeed, while most businesses will survive a scandal in the short-term, their financial value—and reputation—may take years to recover.
Jon Stewart
Between Headlines and Punchlines: Journalistic Role Performance in Western News Satire
News satire has gained popularity across the globe in recent years. At the start of the twenty-first century, shows such as The Daily Show and The Colbert Report were uniformly recognized as benchmarks for the news satire genre, where today, it has proliferated into a wide array of different formats that blend discursive modes of entertainment and politics. The result is a spectrum ranging from more absurdist, comedic forms of satire on the one hand, to explicitly “journalistic” and informative formats on the other. 
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